Boeing EC-135H 'Stratolifter'

Notes: KC-135A modified for airborne national command post.
  Base model:C-135
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1962
  Basic role:Transport
  Modified Mission:Special electronic installation

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 Makawao, HI
Unique to the ec twa systems...
06/05/2015 @ 11:25 [ref: 69116]
 Makawao, HI
Unique to the ec twa systems...
06/05/2015 @ 11:24 [ref: 69115]
 Gary Burgess
 , VA
Looking for Bill Wilson,Florida.
Crew Chief on 282, 1971-1975
E-mail Me
03/02/2015 @ 13:18 [ref: 68966]
 Gary Burgess
 suffolk, VA
Looking for Bill Wilson,Florida.
Crew Chief on 282, 1971-1975
E-mail Me
03/02/2015 @ 13:15 [ref: 68965]
 Adam Luzier
 Chambersburg, PA
I remember Tsgt. Todd as well. I was a grad of the "Crew Chief University"! I was at Mildenhall from Aug. 84 thru Aug. 87. EC/RC branch. My not so fondest memory was the day I gor my ass chewed off by SMsgt. St. Mark for what he thought was me skipping out when I actually had an appointment at Lakenheath. Man I will NEVER forget that. A more fond memory was attending a Medieval Banquete the squadron sponsored and seeing Lt. Col. Hill getting plowed and Chief Moskop throwing food at everyone during dinner! LOL
12/11/2014 @ 23:24 [ref: 68821]
 Duane Reynolds
 Summerhill, NY
I left Amarillo TX in Sept. 1966 with orders for Chatearoux France. These orders where changed while I was in transit due to the request for all US servicemen to leave France and I found myself at Mildenhall with the 513th CAM Squadron. I was a structural repair tech in a shop behind hanger 3. In 1968 we had an accident in which a cherry picker which was working on the vertical stabilizer of 285 malfunctioned and crashed through the roof of that aircraft. I did what repairs were necessary to fly it to depot in OK and flew with it. We lost an engine over the Atlantic and set down in the fog at Griffith AFB in Rome,NY. I left the aircraft there, made my way to Dover where I got on a 141 to Torrejon. At Torrejon I caught a ride on a 124 that belonged to an ANG outfit out of California which had been activated after the Pueblo incident and rode it to Munich and then back to Mildenhall. I left Mildenhall for separation in May of 1970. All 5 aircraft that have been mentioned in other posts were there at that time.
11/20/2013 @ 04:23 [ref: 68172]
 Joe Bruch
 Black Hills, WY
I was assigned to Silk Purse Control Group (USCINCEUR ABNCP) RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom from April 1982 through April 1985 as a Battle Staff Emergency Actions/Operations NCO with Delta Team initially then Bravo Team. Being assigned to Silk Purse was the best three years out of my over twenty year USAF career. Coming to Silk Purse from the 2nd ACCS (SAC ABNCP - 'Looking Glass" 24/7 airborne alert operations) Offutt AFB, Nebraska flying on the EC-135C's with fan jets (TF-33's) was really different flying on the EC-135H's with water jet J-57's and ground alert operations. After my arrival to Mildenhall, the EC-135H's were re-engined with fan jets(JT-3D's). The re-engining really enhanced the performance of the EC-135H. Later in my tour we moved our primary ground alert operations to Lajes Field in the Azores. The support that Silk Purse Control Group received from the 10th ACCS crews (ops, comm and 513th TAW maintenance troops) was outstanding. Silk Purse was a three year vacation compared to the 24/7 airborne alert operations tempo with "Looking Glass".
03/07/2013 @ 18:16 [ref: 67650]
 Steven Wilken
 Atlanta, GA
I was stationed at RAF Mildenhall from 1986-1990 in the 10th AMU as a Comm/Nav tech. It was the best assignment in my near to end 28 year career. I am finally going to retire in May 2013 from the Reserves after working on C130 for the past 19 years. I still keep in an occasional touch with John Small who lives in Tampa and Ken Medvetz located in Springfield, MA. Lost contact with all others I worked with.
02/09/2013 @ 16:49 [ref: 67565]
 Ken McEwan
 Irvine, CA
I worked at 513th OMS from 1972-1974.
I keep seeing TSgt Todd mentioned. Is he the same Todd that also served in the British Air Force?
If it is then he was my next door neighbor in the barracks. He would get mad because we would play our music too loud.
01/27/2013 @ 10:14 [ref: 67525]
 Jammie A. Romee
 Oklahoma City, OK
I was stationed at RAF Mildenhall with the 10ACCS circa April 1977 - May 1980 as an Operations NCO. I worked directly for Major David Purcell who was then the Squadron senior navigator. Our CO was Lt Col Trent Martin, and then near the end of my tour Major Roger Rupp. Our first shirt was Smsgt Chuck Emmerling. I often flew on all four of our EC135H aircraft as an unrated additonal crewmember. One of our 135 aircraft had served in an Air Force One capacity during JFK's administration and had a seat in the back end that had been modified for the President. For the life of me I cannot remember which AC it was. I can recall flying many Silk Purse missions back then, including a few that wound up down in Spain for "shopping" purposes. Those were great times with great aircraft.
12/15/2012 @ 09:39 [ref: 67422]


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