Boeing EC-135K 'Stratolifter'

Notes: KC-135A modified for deployment control.
  Base model:C-135
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1962
  Basic role:Transport
  Modified Mission:Special electronic installation

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 Martin Waldman
 Largo, FL
Your email address would not go though
06/26/2015 @ 03:40 [ref: 69146]
 Martin Waldman
 Largo Florida, FL
I would look forward to attend another reunion.
Served in the 8th from 1970 to 1975
06/26/2015 @ 02:19 [ref: 69145]
 Ken Witkin
 Sleep Hollow, MD
If you are interested in having a reunion of the 8 ACCS/8 TDCS, TAC ACP/ABNCP/TDCS in Goldsboro, NC during 2016, please e-mail me at:


If we can get enough people interested in a reunion, I will reserve a meeting place either at Seymour Johnson AFB or in a Goldsboro hotel.


Ken Witkin, CMSgt (Ret.)
Sleepy Hollow, MD
06/25/2015 @ 21:48 [ref: 69144]
 Peter Dooley
 East Falmouth, MA
Hello to all my former crew members on this magnificent machine...
Peter Dooley. Dooleypster@gmail.com
05/29/2014 @ 08:06 [ref: 68488]
 Ted Buck
 Opdyke, IL
Was assigned to 55-3118 from Jan,1962 until Feb 1966 and again from July 1967 until Aug 1972 upon retirement. The Aircraft was a beautiful air machine ,but the most gratifying part of the assignment was the professionalism of the assigned crews. The Individuals were hand-picked and I was not disappointed in any of those assigned. I started as a Co-Pilot for Lt Col Kesterson when we flew General Walter C Sweeney. Kesterson retired in early 65 and I then Flew Gen Sweeney until he retired in Aug 65, and continued to fly him to Cancer center in Houston until his death in Dec 65. I then volunteered for Vietnam and a unit called "Ranchhand", returning to Seymour Johnson in Sept 1967. Lt Col Gray was Commander, and I was Ops Officer until Col Gray was assigned to ABCCC in Thailand. I then served out my time as Commander of the 8TH ACCS. We have had several Reunions and the list of members continues to get smaller. As Chief Witkin said in the above post, any previous member can get on the list at buckt1@gmail.com.
12/26/2012 @ 07:17 [ref: 67439]
 JC Howe
 , IL
Mr Waldman thank you for your note on 55-3118. I am sure you had some grat times as a crew member flying her in the 1970's. I was confused by her current picture becasue the last time i saw her was on Gen Loh's fairwell tour in the AOR in 1994. She was sitting on the ramp in Riyadh and i remembered asking my jet troop if she had the same type TF33's on her as we had on our jets. Do you have any information on the crew/company that refurbished her for display?
10/26/2012 @ 10:07 [ref: 67339]
 Martin Waldman
 , FL
They wanted to make 118 as close to as she was when she was built.Notice the boom was put back on her.
I fly on her in the 70's.
10/24/2012 @ 23:39 [ref: 67334]
 JC Howe
 , IL
I see 55-3118 at McConnell as a gate guard with J57 engines on her. She was originally prodcued as an "A" model; but was modified with TF33's years later. When did she get J57's rehung back on her? Or could this not be the original 55-3118? I can't imangine the USAF going back to put J57's on after we modded her with TF33's.
10/24/2012 @ 17:32 [ref: 67332]
 Martin Waldman
 Ocala, FL
General W. Momeyer died at age 95,i flew many trips with him.
09/13/2012 @ 04:20 [ref: 67214]
 CCM Ken Witkin, USAF (Ret.)
 Fort Washington, MD
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