Boeing EC-135L 'Stratolifter'

Notes: KC-135A modified for radio relay and am dropout capability.
  Base model:C-135
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1962
  Basic role:Transport
  Modified Mission:Special electronic installation

  Length: 136' 3" 41.5 m
  Height:38' 4" 11.6 m
  Wingspan: 130' 10" 39.8 m

  No. of Engines: 4
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney J57-P-59W
  Thrust (each):13,750 lb 6,235 kg

  Cruise Speed: 552 mph 888 km/h 480 kt
  Max Speed: 600 mph 966 km/h 522 kt
  Ceiling: 40,000 ft 12,191 m

Examples of this type may be found at
Grissom Air Park - Heritage Museum FoundationGrissom AFBIndiana

EC-135L on display

Grissom Air Park - Heritage Museum Foundation


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 Marc Waldron
 Kalamazoo, MI
I was assigned to Grissom in May of 1980 and stayed there until I retired on July 1 1991. I had the pleasure of crewing 269 awhile with Mike Lucke. I also remember 7983 crashing in Panama while I was a Senior Contoller in Job Control later named Aircraft Readiness Center. Miko {mee-ko} Richards was the crew chief of 7983 and a darn one. He was a crew chief that stayed busy on the aircraft right up to crew shows. I crewed 7978 there and had the opportunity to set a new Grissom record for on time take-offs with 199. I missed the SAC record by one which was 200. My asst. was A1C Edward Martin. I have recently had the opportunity to organize reunions with my fellow crew chiefs and specialists at Grissom, the last one being Aug 17th 18th of 2013. The next reunion will be in 2015. Grissom was a GREAT BASE and I met alot of good friends there. If you are from Grissom like Darrell Collins contact me on face book.
01/13/2014 @ 13:59 [ref: 68297]
 Richard Paprcka
 Little Silver, NJ
I am researching info on the crash of KC 135 63-7983 which went down on June 17, 1986 at Howard AFB. As you know the entire crew was lost that day. My wife Patricia Mcderby's brother; Captain Thomas B. McDerby was the pilot. We would appreciate any information anyone has as to what happened that morning, as very little was ever provided to the family, or may even be known. Tom is a hero to the remaining members of the family and any info, pictures of him or his crew, etc... would be enormously appreciated and handed down to his neices.

Thank you.
01/20/2013 @ 04:31 [ref: 67509]
 Doyle Peterson
 Bradley, SD
I have a fond memory of this ole' bird. I flew as a radio opperator from 1982-84 on this and 0994 the only G mod at Grissom. I wish I could remember the rest of the fleets tail numbers, I think there are four others. It was actually a bit of a sad moment when the reality soaked in, of her sitting in the musium.
01/15/2013 @ 13:48 [ref: 67504]
 Jeff McKeown
 Utica, KY
I was stationed at Grissom AFB from June '76 to Nov.'77 when I went Palace Chase, while assigned to 305thOMS I was also assigned as part of the ground crew on 0269 when I first arrived Jim Kidwell was the Crew Chief then he went to base ops and Matt Hughes was assigned as Crew Chief so I suppose I was like Asst. Crew Chief.

I did go up on Alert on the Xray and Zebra location a couple different times, but never had the opportunity to fly on the bird. Never had the chance to TDY since I was assigned to a Flying Command Post.

I remember Clarence Cross and C.C.Cross were the Chief Msgts in charge of OMS while I was there and I was also honored to know Larry Peters.
I was a kid of 18yrs old when I was there and really didn't want to be there, but I am glad I had the experience as I look back all these years later I wish at times that I had been more mature and stayed at Grissom for the duration, but time changes your outlook on things.

All in all I am happy to be able to tell people that I am part of the history of this EC-135.

Thank You for allowing me to have a part.
07/07/2012 @ 07:38 [ref: 63089]
 Wayne McFadden
 , MD
I was a Radio Operator at Grissom AFB from 1986 to 1990. I flew many missions on this aicraft. I flew some missions with Greg Gunter.
06/16/2009 @ 12:14 [ref: 24240]
 John Flood
 , MI
I remember this bird - flew it a couple of times out of Lockbourne/Rickenbacker when I was a civilian exercise observer for Polo Hat Exercises (on active service was a TTY operator in 3ACCS back in the early 70s - with CMSGT Don Wilson's bunch)

Now living in Ireland...
10/02/2008 @ 03:07 [ref: 22779]
 Hal Cottrell
 New Lebanon, OH
I was the last Primary Crew Chief on this bird. It flew many good mission and hated to see it retired. I have many, many great memories of Grissom and the folks I use to work with.

07/22/2008 @ 06:35 [ref: 22209]
 Dan Kangley
 Sioux Falls, SD
I was a flight surgeon at Grissom from 1977-80 (we lived at 1733 Orlando behind the library and base theater). I also flew on on 61-0269 and find it interesting that aircraft from my era are in museums!! Doesn't seem so long ago. I have video from Channel 6 in Indy when a news crew did a segment on the base in January, 1980. I am in the right seat during one of the segments when we were the receiver (61-0261 during that flight). I recently have been going thru my flight records and reviewing all the aircraft I flew on during my days at Grissom and a TDY to Guam. As far as I know, they all still exist, either on active duty, or display (like 61-0269) or in storage at AMARC. Does any one know all the tail numbers of the 135s at Grissom in the 70s. I have over 30 on my flight log as well as a couple of T-37s. I have one KC135 (xx -x027) I flew on as a crew member that is either 58-0027 or 63-8027. I don't know which one. Both may have been there. Had a great experience in the AF and made many friends at Grissom. Still have contact with some and in fact my wife and I just visited with Tom and Julie Keeffer from the old base clinic staff in Seattle last October.
01/31/2008 @ 06:00 [ref: 19487]
 SSgt Gary B. Welch
 Dayton, OH
I was assigned to 305th OMS & HSW from May 1975 until Jan 1981. Pulled my 1st Alert on at KC #56-3607 that I crewed as a 3rd wiper (What a Pig) Crewed 61-0261 & 0283 until I got out. Rememeber the 1st Operation Global Shield? Not the normal "Generation Exercise" that MSEP or the ORI used to pull. We actually started doing stuff. Remember Alert used to be X-ray & Yankee Rows. Then we went to Alpha & Bravo ramps. What a pain in the A&&. N-E Ways Good Times none the less. Ya' knew who the bad Guys were then.
10/22/2007 @ 06:28 [ref: 18268]
 Douglas Fitzpatrick
 Manchester, NH
I was a Crew Chief at Grissom From 1987 to 1993
I pulled alert on this Jet a few times and was Lucky enough to be one of the guy's who towed this jet to it's current resting place!! I have many fond memories of this jet and Grissom AFB!!! There was no better jet to work on and NO better base then Grissom!!! To All of you that I worked with, I Salute you!!!
10/10/2006 @ 04:27 [ref: 14413]


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