Boeing F4B-2


Control Panel
  Base model:F4B
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1922-1962
  Basic role:Fighter

  Length: 20' 1" 6.1 m
  Height:9' 1" 2.7 m
  Wingspan: 30' 0" 9.1 m
  Gross Weight: 2,799 lb 1,269 kg

  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney R-1340-8
  Horsepower (each): 500

  Max Speed: 186 mph 299 km/h 161 kt
  Ceiling: 26,900 ft 8,198 m

Known serial numbers
A-8613 / A-8639, A-8791 / A-8809


Recent comments by our visitors
 Bill Cecchetti
 Jeannette, PA
I have a 69" wingspan Boeing F4B -2 R/C model that is nearing completion . I bought the model from a friend but we do not have the plans .
I need to know where the center of gravity is on this model . Any help would be appreciated .

08/30/2015 @ 15:28 [ref: 69229]
 John (jack) Richards
 London, OTH
I am currently building an F4B2 Boing at quarter scale from a set of drawings bought secondhand from an advert in RCME magazine.They are designed drawn and prototyped built by Bob Morse.Plans distributed by accountimg/clerical service.3351 pruneridge ave ,Santa Clara.Ca.95051. and dated 1980.I am in seventh heaven every moment of the time I spend on the project.I am using all the materials reccomended but have changed the control system for aileron and elevator/rudder.The engine I have chosen is a DLA 56 two stroke petrol (gas) which is a bit more powerfull than that used in prototype.If anyone has pictures of gun and cockpit layouts let me know.I see this aircraft as Americas Spitfire Circa 1931...Fabulous. Jack Richards.
01/22/2013 @ 10:33 [ref: 67516]
 Ben Trapnell
 Grand Forks, ND
Bill Allen (Allen Airways) is building (restoring) an F4B-2 and intends to have it painted in the colors of an aircraft my Great Uncle, Fred Trapnell, flew in San Diego early in his career.
06/25/2010 @ 11:04 [ref: 26626]
 Burt Gunter
 Cumming(Atlanta), GA
For those looking for plans on the Boeing F4B-2, Try the AMA, They have the model plans. I have a model with a G-25. Thax Burt
04/18/2010 @ 15:02 [ref: 26034]
 wayne fredline
 , OK
Need wing drawings for the 80% scale boeing F4B-2 designed by Alan Jarvis who has since passed away or find the location of the airplane that he built.

Thank you

Wayne in Oklahoma
03/09/2009 @ 15:52 [ref: 23914]
 Ralph Morris
 , CA
Does anyone know what happened to the F4B-2 that used to be in the Tallmantz Air Museum at John Wayne (Orange County) Airport? After Paul Mantz was killed flying for the film "Flight of the Phoenix," his sister operated the museum for awhile, but eventually it was closed and someone said that airplane went to a museum in Florida. It was painted with the "Felix-the-Cat" emblem, and I know it was a -2 because it had the square rudder, as opposed to the -4, which has a rounded-shape rudder, like the one at Chino Air Museum.
01/31/2002 @ 23:00 [ref: 4230]
 A. Campbell
 Walls, MS
Looking to gather a much data about F4B to build one also.
10/09/2001 @ 10:25 [ref: 3370]
 richard cross
 Pensacola, FL
I would like to know if you can help me to find information about F4B-2 80% scale replica boeing by designer/builder Alvin Jarvis. If you have any information about him and his history. Please let me know.
Because I have 1976 replica F4B-2 (one seat) copyright and blueprint plans and faa document. I need photos and Jarvis
himself history.

Thank you,
08/05/2000 @ 14:10 [ref: 568]


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