Boeing KC-135R 'Stratotanker'

Notes: KC-135A with higher thrust, turbofan engines.
  Base model:C-135
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1962
  Basic role:Transport
  Modified Mission:Tanker
  First Flew:1982/08

  Length: 136' 3" 41.5 m
  Height:38' 4" 11.6 m
  Wingspan: 130' 10" 39.8 m
  Empty Weight: 119,230 lb 54,072 kg
  Max Weight: 322,000 lb146,031 kg

  No. of Engines: 4
  Powerplant: CFM International F108-CF-100
  Thrust (each):22,224 lb10,078 kg

  Range: 2,128 miles 3,426 km
  Max Speed: 610 mph 982 km/h 530 kt
  Ceiling: 50,000 ft 15,239 m

Operators (Past and Present)
USAF 18th Wing Kadena AB JP
USAF 366th Wing Mountain Home AFB MN


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 , VA
I had used that CSD trick when I had landed in Shemya the first time. A QA guy started bugging me about any write ups I had upon landing. I was exhausted and told him that #4 CSD is low. When he asked what I was going to do about it? I said: "Not a Damn thing Sarg!" He ran to his truck, grabbed a full case of oil and carried it all the way to #4 Engine. You should have seen his face when he popped the panel and looked inside. He never bothered me again.
08/24/2012 @ 07:28 [ref: 66404]
 , ME
Loved the r model no more breech caps to clean but miss watching a water burner take off. Working these birds one
Of the best careers so much fun so many great people
02/22/2012 @ 14:59 [ref: 53319]
 , ME
Loved the r model no more breech caps to clean but miss watching a water burner take off. Working these birds one
Of the best careers so much fun so many great people
02/22/2012 @ 14:58 [ref: 53318]
 Montello, WI
The KC-135 has three generators to support the 3-phase AC electrical system aboard the aircraft. The generators are installed on the #1, #2 and #3 engines. The #4 engine has and accessory drive with a blanking plate where the generator CSD (constant speed drive) is normally installed. The cowling on all KC-135A engines was interchangable and each was fitted with a CSD oil service access panel. A favorite prank of the older maintenance crews to pull on the newbies was to tell them to service the #4 engine CSD. On one occasion when I initiated this prank, the young 'mosquito-wing' one-striper yelled, 'SERGEANT, IT'S GONE...THE GENERATOR IS GONE!"

06/24/2011 @ 21:18 [ref: 39788]
 , AL
That generator deal is always a trick CFIC question. Theres more like 7. eng 3, 1,2, apu, co-pilot, wing and tail vortex generators.. Kinda like the ORCE door.. As in the cargo door open saying ORCE.. HAHA
04/10/2008 @ 17:20 [ref: 20418]
 Daniel Page
 Fort Rucker, AL
Flew the KC-135R/T models.. I grew up at KGUS and my Dad is Larry Page, MSGt, RET.. These birds are and always will be a huge part of my life. I didnt make a career as im now flying Blackhawks in the Army, but i assure you Ill return soon..
04/10/2008 @ 17:17 [ref: 20417]
 Tim Rosa
 Oklahoma City, OK
The KC-135 only had 3 generators and the # 4 engine is without one. I worked KC-135A 's then KC-135R's at Griffiss, AFB in New York. The aircraft will be around a long time past the B-52H.
02/11/2008 @ 09:28 [ref: 19643]
 , DC
One question, not a comment...
Does anyone know why on the KC-135R there are only three AC generators and what is the engine without it? I would like to create a panel for the MS Flight Simulator.
Thank you.
Eventually answer to my private e-mail address
02/11/2008 @ 05:52 [ref: 19641]
 David Rock
 West Chazy, NY
Hey Ken Lauter,,,, Remember me? Crewed the "R" model with you at Pease during the 80"s. Send me a note when you read this.
11/22/2007 @ 02:16 [ref: 18629]
 Mark McLean
 Burlington Flats, NY
I've been working them for 7 years, currenlty in Okinawa. They are a work horse, aging, but still reliable.
01/20/2006 @ 22:04 [ref: 12217]


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