Boeing L-15 'Scout'

  Base model:L-15
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1942-1962
  Basic role:Liaison

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 cairo, DC
Thank u so much
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Thank u so much
08/04/2012 @ 17:24 [ref: 64875]
 Mark Arnold
 Frederick, MD
The L-15 in Westminster was crashed (lightly) in about 1967. The engine quit shortly after takeoff. Dr Earl Griswold was the pilot and landed it in a bean field with a modest crunch. Dr. Griswold was a B17 pilot during WWII and a B-29 pilot during the Korean war.

The airplane was stored for several years in a hanger shared with my ScoutMaster's Waco UPF-7.

Mr McCloud(what a NAME!) moved the airplane to Clearfield airport in Finksburg Md. and put it back together with parts he bought form somebody in Alaska.

Do not know the current status of this example, but it was sure an interesting airplaine. I remember reading about it in one of Mr. McCloud's Air Trails magazines.
12/30/2008 @ 11:19 [ref: 23381]
 Klosterneuburg, OTH
Looking out for Boeing L-15 aircraft or parts from.
Who can help me?

Best regards
11/02/2008 @ 05:24 [ref: 22966]
 Ed Earp
 , TX
I grew up in Westminster, Md, and started to fly in 1964 at Westminster. We had a grass field and there were two AT-6's, Aeronca Champs (2) and a Cessna 172, later a Cherokee 140. the owner of the airporet, Nelson McCloud, had an L-15 I saw a few times. I never flew in it, but know that a college professor at Western Maryland College (now McDanial College) did fly it and crashed it around Westminster in probably 1965. He was not injured, and I do not know what became of the aircraft.
04/29/2007 @ 18:55 [ref: 16350]
 Walter J. Boyne
 , VA
What was the final disposition of the Boeing L-15 liaison planes? Were they broken up, sold to civilians? Any help would be appreciated.

01/29/2006 @ 16:29 [ref: 12365]