Boeing NKC-135A 'Stratotanker'

Notes: Test configured KC-135A.
  Base model:C-135
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1962
  Basic role:Transport
  Modified Mission:Tanker
  Status:Special Test (Permanent)

  Length: 136' 3" 41.5 m
  Height:41' 8" 12.7 m
  Wingspan: 130' 10' 39.6 m
  Gross Weight: 300,000 lb136,054 kg

  No. of Engines: 4
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney J57
  Thrust (each):13,750 lb 6,235 kg

  Cruise Speed: 512 mph 824 km/h 445 kt
  Max Speed: 606 mph 975 km/h 527 kt
  Ceiling: 50,000 ft 15,239 m

Known serial numbers
553134, 563596

Examples of this type may be found at
United States Air Force MuseumWright-PattersonOhio

NKC-135A on display

United States Air Force Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 Dan Addis
 Seal Beach,, CA
Worked on 55-3124 between 1968 and 1971 while stationed at Hickam. Spent a week down at Wake to try and fix a fishtailing autopilot. Had a lot of time to explore while the plane sat alert waiting on the Russians.
04/12/2015 @ 19:04 [ref: 69039]
 David Crowder
 Charleston, WV
I am one of the crew members of the NKC-53-127 at Patrick AFB. What a surprise seeing this picture after all these years. It sure brought back some good memories. Thanks Dan Cole for submitting it.
12/06/2014 @ 05:37 [ref: 68811]
 Steve Johnson
 Dallas, TX
I believe it was the summer of 1974 when, as a Boom Operator on a KC-135A, i was deployed TDY to Hickam AFB for then TS Project Burning Light. I have some photos refueling this aircraft on our way to the Mururoa Atoll.
10/20/2014 @ 10:36 [ref: 68704]
 Jennings Heilig
 , VA
If anyone affiliated with any of the NKC-135s reads this, I would be most grateful if yo could drop me an email. I am researching the missions of these historic aircraft.


03/24/2013 @ 12:51 [ref: 67680]
 Ventura Franco
 Santa Maria., CA
Worked at Patrick and remember 127 very well,I was assigned as Ground crew on 375 Participated on Apollo 13 mission was also assigned as Crew Chief on 328 with Sgt Kuhn as my assistant..many fond memories of Patrick with all the exotic places we went TDY too...my most memorable one was Appolo 13.Going down range to Darwin,Australia.then up to Figi Islands and Pago Pago back to Hickam Hawaii,Crew Chief Levi,Nichols.
I want to extend a warm invitation to all that SERVED..
God Bless
01/15/2010 @ 09:35 [ref: 25578]
 gary stanley
 charleston, SC
I was the assistant crew chief on 530127 and 530134 at Patrick AFB Fl 1971 thur 1975 I am now working on the new Boeing 787 as QA lead.
01/10/2010 @ 15:05 [ref: 25548]
 Dr. K. A. Crooks
 , PA
I saw my father, Prof. Kenneth E. Crooks, mentioned in one of the letters. I know that he was especially fond of his days as aircraft commander of the scientific missions of the Hanscom/Hickam -135 missions. I followed his lead and flew with the RC-135 programs in Alaska and at Offutt. Wouldn't be surprised if one of my children don't end up onboard one of these jets....
Dad is still teaching business and aviation law at college, although he has recently stepped down as dean to spend more time with the family that now has great grandchildren of his.
04/15/2009 @ 22:34 [ref: 24099]
 Richard (Barney) Bonnardel
 Kailua,, HI
I was Crew Chief on NKC-135P, 55-3124, from late 1968 thru 1971. A shout out to John Kroll, I remember some of the good times we had. Trips to Wake Island and Kwajelin(sp)two and three times a month. Days we spent on alert on Wake Island, hosing the salt off the airplane everyday. Those were the days. Great old airplane, heaviest in the fleet but it always brought us back to Hickam. Drifters Reef was a great place, to bad the old one was destroyed by a Typhoon, the replacement was never the same. I have some great pictures i will try to post some.
03/14/2009 @ 18:47 [ref: 23947]
 Vincent Kessler
 Adams, NY
Stationed at WP from Jan 1988 till May 1994. Assistant Crew Chief on 3122 with Bob Baker and Dan Clark. Went all over the country with Jack Henry on 3120. Went over to the ARIA for my last 3 years at WP. Hope all is well with the old gang.
01/16/2009 @ 10:06 [ref: 23502]
 John Fox (Foxy)
 Up State New York, NY
I worked 55-3124 (mil) 1966-1968 at Hickham, parking spot was "Pole 1" Ken Key was crew chief, other mechanics were Bradley, Robinson, Gregary. Some of the flight engeneers were Fred Brovo, McGee, Pilot Crooks, Paul Rieman, Col Thompson. Lots of trips to Wake Island, we were over to Kwaj. and had to return to Wake to pick up servivors of a SAC KC-135 tha crashed on Wake. As soon as I can scan them I will post some photos. Drifters Reef, a "Respectable Gin Mill"
01/13/2009 @ 05:47 [ref: 23479]


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