Notes: WC-135B modified for use as an observation platform to support the open skies treaty.
  Base model:C-135
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1962
  Basic role:Transport
  Modified Mission:Radio controlled drone





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 N. ( Tony ) Virgilio
 Sprigfield, OH
Worked at the 4950th Modification Center where we took 3 WC-135B and converted them to OC-135 OPEN SKIES Oserver Aircraft. Last program to roll out of the MOD CENTER before Polical Pressures closed us down. All engineering and most of the mfg. of components was done in house. It was a great program, kept alot of people in work, enjoyed every minute of it.
02/05/2010 @ 08:48 [ref: 25688]
 Ventura Franco
 Santa Maria, CA
YOU are correct this is not a DRONE..
For all of you that are on the OPEN SKIES as Crewchiefs
This Aircraft are former Weather Birds in case you did not know I have many flying hours on them..
Visit the WC-135B site...

Any of you know about the TOGETHERWESERVED website??
Really neat website where you can find all your old buddies and Write the names of all your old Sqds and bases you have been while you can also put up fotos and go down memory lane ....
drop me a line and I will send you an invite...
Ventura Franco
06/24/2008 @ 21:38 [ref: 21602]
 , MI
Is "four cameras in the rear" synomous with "four nozzles spewing chemicals into the air"?
05/22/2008 @ 04:07 [ref: 20972]
 , CA
aircraft 672, 670's sister is much cleaner and has the best crew cheifs in the united states air force, as well as the greatest DCC
03/18/2005 @ 21:08 [ref: 9736]
 Ron Strong
 , NE
The OC-135 is NOT a drone!!!!!!
01/05/2002 @ 18:04 [ref: 3992]
 Dan Mosqueda
 , MI
You have the OC-135B listed as a radio drone. It is a highly specialized, purpose-designed aircraft used to implement the Treaty on Open Skies. It contains multiple cameras, Synthetic Aperture Radar, and Infra-Red Line Scanning devices all used to to carry out the treaty's mission of creating transparency of military intent between the signatory nations.

It has also been used by the US Government in support of natural disasters like Hurricane Mitch relief in Central America under direct White House control and flood relief along the Mississippi.

I hope you'll be able to correct some of your information. Thanks,

Dan Mosqueda
former Open Skies Operations and Plans Officer
04/26/2001 @ 10:40 [ref: 2159]


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