Boeing QB-47E 'Stratojet'

  Base model:B-47
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-Present
  Basic role:Bomber
  Modified Mission:Radio controlled drone

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 James L Phillips
 Fort Walton Beach, FL
Neither of those cars was recognizable in the salvage yard. My mother was in the second car, a blue and white '57 Chevy Belair station wagon. The first car was nothing but a charred mass. Our car only had the slightest bit of blue paint on the tailgate; a patch of about 4 inches by 4 inches. My mother escaped with only a few abrasions and burns. She is alive and strong as ever at 86. I am her oldest son, and all of us, her children, are all still here with her. She is a charmed and charming woman.
01/16/2014 @ 06:03 [ref: 68300]
 Jim D. Macrander
 Sunnyvale, CA
QB-47E Drone aircraft were developed from the RB-47E model airframe which had an extended nose section and numerous other less pronounced features.

10/16/2010 @ 19:14 [ref: 31502]
 Mark Sublette
 Falls Church, VA
In Fort Walton Beach on a family mission, I went to the library today and read the newspaper article about the QB-47E crash at Eglin AFB on 19 August 1963. Here are some details: In addition to the two fatalities and one injury listed in other e-mails, four firefighters were overcome by smoke and were treated at the base hospital. The fire was persistent, flaring up several times, and as the nearest hydrant was a long way off, the fire crew had to string together a mile of hose. Both autos were described as being nearly unrecognizable under the wreckage, and a photo showed a B-47 wing blocking Eglin Parkway. "The plane had evidentally burst into flame on first striking the ground roughly a half mile from where it finally came to rest on the main road through Eglin. Trees were burnt to mere stumps and pieces of the plane and engine nacelles littered the path of the wreck."

"Air police routed traffic around the base and scene of the tragedy, allowing only those cars to enter whose destination was the housing area."

"There were at least two witnesses to the flaming crash, both sergeants. However, one of the sergeants said that he had been advised not to make any comment regarding the accident, pending a board of inquiry to be held today."

- Playground Daily News, Tuesday morning, 20 August 1963, Volume 16, Number 271, page 1.
12/26/2008 @ 17:09 [ref: 23351]
 Joseph Jablonka
 Fort Walton Beach, FL
On 21 September, 1966 with a SR71 flying at Mach 3.2 and an altitude of 75,000 feet successfully intercepted and destroyed (hit) a QB-47 (SN#34256; the target for the inert warhead test firing) conducted out of Edwards AFB and flying at 500 feet in the Mugu Range. This intercept removed three feet off the left horizontal stabilizer of the QB-47. The QB-47 landed, was refitted with another stabilizer and flew another drone missions.
08/23/2007 @ 06:15 [ref: 17727]
 David J. Bunde
 Cambridge, MN
Mr. Loring,
Can You please ontact Me at: Bunded@BSCI.com if You don't mind. I have a couple questions for You and some photos of the crash that killed My Father, Robert Edwin Bunde.
Thank You, Sincerely, David J. Bunde
05/30/2007 @ 01:10 [ref: 16661]
 Joe Jablonka
 Fort Walton Beach, FL
My current email address is.....josephjablonka@aol.com
The drone folks meet once a year in Crestview, Florida.

03/31/2007 @ 19:09 [ref: 16055]
 David J. Bunde
 Cambridge, MN
Hello Mr. Loring and Joe W.
I sent in an earlier e-mail with regards to the QB-47 Crash at Eglin. I should have been more specific. My Father, Robert Edwin Bunde was one of the two civilians killed in that crash. The other cililian was Robert W. Glass. Both Men worked for Honneywell at the time of the crash. Please contact Me at: Bunde@BSCI.com I would be grateful if anyone could send Me a picture of the memorial. I can send more information including photos to those that are interested. Sincerely, David J. Bunde
03/31/2007 @ 13:20 [ref: 16048]
 David J. Bunde
 Cambridge, MN
For Joe Jablonka,
Please contact Me at Bunded@BSCI.com. My Father was killed at Eglin AFB, August 1963. I do have photos of the crash site etc. Sincerely, David J. Bunde
03/30/2007 @ 03:12 [ref: 16036]
 Bob Loring
 , FL
QB Crash at Eglin Main. I was the armament tech for dearming the destruct package. We returned to Eglin Main to dearm the aircraft. We always positioned ourselves half way down the runway and chased the aircraft when it stopped. The destruct pack was an initiator in the tail section that was connected to primer cord that was wrapped around the aft fuel tank. It was a routine job and took only a few minutes. Normal flights were at field 3, but thunder clouds prevented the recovery there and it was decided to land the airplane at Eglin Main. It was just about quitting time and the loop going towards Ft Walton was very heavy with traffic. I can still remember the landing and watched as the aircraft landed. If I am correct, the left engines would not throttle back. I believe that the landing was going to be aborted and when the throttles were throttled up, only the left bank of engines responded. The aircraft veered off the runway about halfway down. The landing gear remained on the aircraft until hitting the railroad tracks. The fuslage continued toward the highway. I know of only 2 vehicles that were struck.
I believe a memorial has been placed near the site of the accident.
02/24/2007 @ 13:49 [ref: 15655]
 Joe Jablonka
 Fort Walton Beach, FL
My "NEW" email address. Please contact me if you have photos of the QB-47 aircraft.
09/05/2006 @ 19:59 [ref: 14082]


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