Boeing RB-50G 'Superfortress'

  Base model:B-50
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-Present
  Basic role:Bomber
  Modified Mission:Reconnaissance

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10/25/2010 @ 22:26 [ref: 31692]
 Tom Feeney
 Erie, PA
In June 1953 I finished ECM School at Keesler and was assigned to the 340BS at Biggs.
In April 1955 as a Raven I went to Yokota with Major George Thorpe's crew. We were 340BS when we went but while in Japan were with the 6091st.
When we returned from Japan in October 1955, our Squadron was changed to the 4024BS.
In February 1956 I went to Lakenheath with Major Harry Bensons Crew. When we returned in June 1956, the Squadron ceased and the Officer Ravens went to Topeka to fly B-47's.
Some of us enlisted men were cross trained to be radio operators.
My enlistment ended in August 1957 shortly after we returned from three months TDY at Goose Bay
10/01/2010 @ 17:24 [ref: 31091]
 Robert W. Love
 Mission Viejo, CA
To kenneth Synco,

I left the last post in December 2009. To Kenneth Synco I will give you my email address and would sure appreciate any photo's or memorabilia that you have. What crew were you on ? Anyone else out there who might shed some light on the old crewmembers. Wymer,Strahan,Calabrese,McDonald,Lakso,Beamer,Byrne,and others.

I often think of those old times with fond memories.

email barringtonhts1@cox.net.

Would love to hear from anyone from 6091st St Recon Sq. Yakota Japan 54 through 57.

Bob Love
08/06/2010 @ 10:22 [ref: 28690]
 Phil kaufman
 Nashville, TN
I was on one of the ferry crews flying B-29s to the states...China Lake in particular....to be used as ordinance targets....shame...we 'mother shipped" B-26s from Johnson AFB..I believe there were 5 at a time...they had 500 gal.fuel tanks in the bomb bays...we then picked up a B-50 and returned to Yakota....this was 1955 or 1956.
08/02/2010 @ 15:17 [ref: 28468]
 Gene Nelson
 , IA
Rather than write this again, I invite you to check out the site below:


I will check back to read your comments/questions.
07/29/2010 @ 19:40 [ref: 28430]
 Don Jensen
 San Jose, CA
I was A/C of "Jensen's Jewels", a B50E at Yokota 1954-7. The only G model we had in the 6091st Strat Recon was lost on it's first mission without any contact. I flew many hours of search including one at 100 feet altitude right into Vladavastok harbor. I've heard some talk of being lost in a typhoon. BULL... , the Sea of Japan was as smooth as glass during our search.
07/29/2010 @ 16:49 [ref: 28428]
 Bill Gatchell
 Enfield, CT
John Welch sent me your email and I thought I would add a memory or two. I was originally a Radar Tech and after serving off the coast of Korea with the 527th AC&W group (JADF)I was assigned to Keesler again to go through ECM operator's training. From there I was assigned to the 343rd Strat.Recon.Squdrn (55th Strat. Recon. Wing) in Topeka Kansas. Our aircraft were the RB50G. My crew designation was S-52 with Lt. Col. Tom Hoffman as the A/C and Ist Lt. John Marszelek as the pilot. (I can give you the names of most of the other guys aboard if you wish.) The crews were not assigned a single aircraft, but you took the one that was ready to fly. Then in the Spring of 1954 the sqdrn was reassigned to Biggs AFB with the nomenclature of 340th Bomb Squdrn. (The 343rd in Topeka became RB-47's) I was discharged in December of `1954 and returned to UMass to finish my degree.
My crew flew mostly in tail number 7143, but flew also in 7130 and 7150. Most of the aircraft had red tails, but no nose art, but 7136 (Major Dibbel's) had a black belly, and an apparently pregnant "Sylvester The Cat" cartoon type picture and the name "The Fat Cat" alluding to the "Ravens" in her belly. 7143 had a Marilyn Monroe type gal splayed out on a fur rug with flak bursting all about her and the name "We Couldn't Care Less" in gold letters. I wish I had photos, but in those "daze" we weren't supposed to take any pictures on the flight line and I was "dazed" enough to follow that rule.

If I remember correctly - and I don't always - the A/C on that B-50G that crashed in California in '54 was Major Herrick who was a West Pointer. Another member of the crew was a S/Sgt scanner named "Junior" Townsend. Once again, I seem to remember that he was one of two who managed to bail before she went into the ground.

At one time early in the '60's I was visiting my parents in Arlington, Mass. On the way back to Springfield, I swung past Hanscomb AFB in Bedford to see what aircraft they might have on the tarmac. I immediately saw the tall vertical stabilizers behind some trees that indicated that there were B-50's sitting there. I noticed also that one of the tail numbers was 7150. I stopped by the main gate and asked the AP on duty what were those '50's doing there. After telling him I had flown in 7150 he told me that they were there getting outfitted with radio controls so that they could be used as targets in Raytheon's testing of their Sparrow and Hawk missiles. So I assume that all four are resting somewhere off of Cape Cod in several hundred fathoms of water. It made me rather sad, but better that than sitting out in the desert sun down at Davis-Montham AFB waiting to be taken apart and sold as scrap.

By the way, up until a few years ago there was a KB-50 tanker on display at Davis-Montham.

Bill Gatchell

07/08/2010 @ 12:32 [ref: 27119]
 John Welch
 Melbourne, FL
To all
I was in the 307th Bomb Wing (B29s) during '52 as NCOIC of ECM Flightline and Shop maintenance. When I went back to the states I went to Keesler to become a Raven (ECM Recon Operator). My first duty station was the 343rd SRS in Topeka, KS during '53 & 54. After a break in service in '55, I re enlisted and wound up in the 6091st in Yokota from '56-'59. I flew with many of the RB 50G crews (also some Security Service and Photo Recon aircraft) during that period as well as the RB29 with the Dusty's Demon nose art AC'ed by Cap Carrol and Maj Prytoulic (sp?). Interestingly enough, my name is 9th from the bottom on the picture of Haskins Hounds supplied by Ken Synco. Regrettably, I have lost my Haskins Hound ball cap - sure would like to have it now. I would luv to communicate with anyone interested. My email is john3071@aol.com.

07/07/2010 @ 12:13 [ref: 27091]
 John Hampton
 Brockport, NY, NY
I also was with the 6091st SRS at Yokota, Feb 55-Feb 56. I was a photographer but never got crew assignment. Flew one Elint mission, end of Feb 55, (familiarization) to Ruskie coastline in RB-29 and remainder were training over Sea of Japan in RB-50's. Do remember the RB-50 loss in September.
06/27/2010 @ 18:46 [ref: 26738]


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