Boeing RB-50G 'Superfortress'

  Base model:B-50
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-Present
  Basic role:Bomber
  Modified Mission:Reconnaissance

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 Terrence(Terry ) Turner
 Alva, OK
Iwas a co-pilot in 6091st Sept 1956-sept 1959 I was one of replacement for the crew that was lost in Sea of Japan Flew with Bill Davern Maj Prytulak Capt Cyr Capt Jack Reed. Went from their to KB-50J England AFB La 6091st 67Trw We had RB50 Long wing B57 1 F 86 h and a T33 Air sampler also a C-119 to haul parts and maint troops Saw a lot of Sea
01/26/2014 @ 15:40 [ref: 68321]
 cathy odonnell
 galt, CA
Can anyone tell me who the crew members of Haskins Hounds were? My father was a combat crew member in the 91st in '54, and pilot in the 6091st after that. He flew the crew to retire B-29 #1843 with Dons Iggles. Seems like I'm getting closer to his history, would love to know some of his fellow crew members.
07/24/2012 @ 14:18 [ref: 63849]
 Donald Ross
 Anchorage, AK
Like Tom Feeny, I was in ECM school in june 1953 at Keesler. I went to Biggs into 4024 sqdn (sometimes called 340th)I was assigned to AC 47156 RB50 and went to Lakenheath with Det 1 97th bom Sqdn. There were 3 B50s and 2 B29 refuelers. I was there Jan 1955 through July 1955.

Major Bob Marshall was the AC. Lt Davis? was the co pilot.
Other members of the crew I remember are, Denny Nelson scanner, Major Karl Seely ECM, Lt Col Edmonds Radar Nav.,
Fred Savage tail gunner.

We flew many missions along all Iron Curtain countries from Murmansk to Bacu Oil fields in the Caspian sea. We were accosted and fired upon by Russian Migs In May 1955 over Caspian Sea.
07/06/2012 @ 16:13 [ref: 63087]
 cathy o\'donnell
 galt, CA
My father, Captain Merle Haskins, was a pilot in the 6091st from 1954 on. In 1956 he was the Aircraft Commander. In one of his photos an accompanying aircraft has the serial #47-129. I have pictures of his crew playing cards the air field and visiting native people, on the back of that photo he wrote "village near Clark AFB". Would love to identify these men.
06/29/2012 @ 10:16 [ref: 62925]
 Cynthia Fees Love
 Tonto Basin, AZ
My father, Capt. Rodger A Fees, was one of the navigators on the RB50G shot down over the Sea of Japan Sept. 10, 1956.

Fascinating to hear from men who were there and in one case helped search for the plane and crew.

I can think of no mechanical problem that would prevent a mayday being sent before the plane crashed. Can any of you??
04/19/2012 @ 10:58 [ref: 55823]
 Tom Feeney
 Erie, PA
In June 1953 I finished ECM School at Keesler and was assigned to the 340BS at Biggs.
In April 1955 as a Raven I went to Yokota with Major George Thorpe's crew. We were 340BS when we went but while in Japan were with the 6091st.
When we returned from Japan in October 1955, our Squadron was changed to the 4024BS.
In February 1956 I went to Lakenheath with Major Harry Bensons Crew. When we returned in June 1956, the Squadron ceased and the Officer Ravens went to Topeka to fly B-47's.
Some of us enlisted men were cross trained to be radio operators.
My enlistment ended in August 1957 shortly after we returned from three months TDY at Goose Bay
10/01/2010 @ 17:24 [ref: 31091]
 Robert W. Love
 Mission Viejo, CA
To kenneth Synco,

I left the last post in December 2009. To Kenneth Synco I will give you my email address and would sure appreciate any photo's or memorabilia that you have. What crew were you on ? Anyone else out there who might shed some light on the old crewmembers. Wymer,Strahan,Calabrese,McDonald,Lakso,Beamer,Byrne,and others.

I often think of those old times with fond memories.

email barringtonhts1@cox.net.

Would love to hear from anyone from 6091st St Recon Sq. Yakota Japan 54 through 57.

Bob Love
08/06/2010 @ 10:22 [ref: 28690]
 Phil kaufman
 Nashville, TN
I was on one of the ferry crews flying B-29s to the states...China Lake in particular....to be used as ordinance targets....shame...we 'mother shipped" B-26s from Johnson AFB..I believe there were 5 at a time...they had 500 gal.fuel tanks in the bomb bays...we then picked up a B-50 and returned to Yakota....this was 1955 or 1956.
08/02/2010 @ 15:17 [ref: 28468]
 Gene Nelson
 , IA
Rather than write this again, I invite you to check out the site below:


I will check back to read your comments/questions.
07/29/2010 @ 19:40 [ref: 28430]
 Don Jensen
 San Jose, CA
I was A/C of "Jensen's Jewels", a B50E at Yokota 1954-7. The only G model we had in the 6091st Strat Recon was lost on it's first mission without any contact. I flew many hours of search including one at 100 feet altitude right into Vladavastok harbor. I've heard some talk of being lost in a typhoon. BULL... , the Sea of Japan was as smooth as glass during our search.
07/29/2010 @ 16:49 [ref: 28428]


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