Boeing RC-135T 'Stratolifter'

  Base model:C-135
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1962
  Basic role:Transport
  Modified Mission:Reconnaissance

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 Charles Hornaday
 charleshornaday@outlook.com, NC
Sorry guys and gals, I posted one picture of 3121 that isn't 3121!! It is just a 135A that was on the flight line at Eielson at the same time I took the two of 3121 I posted. I couldn't find a way to delete it, so someone can delete the one of the 135A if you want to. Thanks, Charles
08/04/2014 @ 17:43 [ref: 68585]
 Charles Hornaday
 Burlington, NC
I remember well the Tundra Toad, I worked Environmental Systems at the 6CAMS FMS shop, and was at stationed at Eielson when 3121 first arrived. It had barely any tech data to work on it from, but it was a good ole plane. I had transfered to Offutt when it crashed, hated to hear it.
03/14/2010 @ 16:30 [ref: 25881]
 conrad stutzman
 kirbyville,, TX
I crewed aircraft 121 it was the RC trainer at Kadena, loved that aircraft cause we didnt pull the alert duties. Took that plane to the P I many times on evac. also spend many a sleepless night cause she like to break alot. was at kadena 74-76 crewed 8012, 1462 and 4134( RC-135M)
03/09/2009 @ 10:14 [ref: 23912]
 John Dalton
 Kansas City, MO
I crewed 121 and recall the shock and disappointment and sadness when it went down.

John Dalton
USAF 84-88
Mechanical Engineer
09/10/2008 @ 18:08 [ref: 22661]
 Ventura Franco
 Santa Maria, CA
I remember 121 when I was stationed at Kadena AB Japan,from 1976 to 1979 and during that time I worked as a Crew Chief on KC-135A 8012 the Bi-Centinial Aircraft for the Wing..and later as a Master Recovery Team Chief Doing BPO's
Primary used for Air-Refueling training there..as a reciever.. used as a Wood Bird and cargo during Typhoon Evacs..
I was very saddened to hear of it crashing in Alaska in My heart goes out for all the Crew and the one they left behind..May God Bless them all.
Franco-- ffione@gmail.com

12/05/2007 @ 09:21 [ref: 18806]
 MSgt David Stern
 Grand Forks, ND
I Fat fingered the dates i crewed it. I crewed it from late 1983. I will upload some pictures of 3121 in the near future
06/01/2007 @ 00:00 [ref: 16692]
 MSgt David Stern
 Grand Forks, ND
I still remember 121, It was my first aircraft when I came in the service. I crewed it from late 1982 to until the day it went down in 1985. I still remember all the trips to Hickam, Fairchild, and Offutt for washes. 121 was a great flying aircraft.
05/31/2007 @ 23:36 [ref: 16691]
 Bob Gallagher
 Tucson, AZ
I flew on 121 quite a few times when I was a young senior airman.

I took it to Hickam, Offutt and Shemya a few times.

I remember that the engine wrap around panels were always loosing airlocks.

I remember being told that was because the Pilots overstressed the airframe by overspeeding it.

I was at Eielson the day it went down, it was a sad day in the 6th Strat Wing.

I am uploading a Photo I took of it at Shemya.
07/08/2006 @ 10:30 [ref: 13681]
 Don Roden, MSgt, Retired
 Osseo, MN
I was the Crew Chief of this aircraft from November 1980 until November 1981. It was a great aircraft to work on. We didn't have T.O.s for most of the configuration. I took here to Shemya on many trips, one of them was after the crash of 62-2664 in March 1981. The pilot that was at the controls of the "Ball" that day, qualified on his final requirments the Friday before the crash. That is a day that I have always remembered. It was the one and only time that we were allowed to launch from the North end of the Big Hanger.

I requested to crew it and everyone in Msgt Rick Taylor and Tsgt Tom Belfior thought I was nuts to want it.

Her official name was Tundra Toad, but my crew always refered to her as Miss Piggy. She was a great flying aircraft after we worked the bugs out.

Don Roden
03/24/2005 @ 20:24 [ref: 9792]
 Rick Taylor, M/Sgt. Ret.North Pole
 North Pole, AK
55-3121 crashed just after my retirement from active duty. She was just a empty hulk then and used for transporting cargo and crews to and from Shemya. The pilot and I coached T-Ball together the summer before I retired, '83. God rest the souls on board that sweet bird.
02/16/2002 @ 01:32 [ref: 4328]


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