Boeing WC-135B 'Stratolifter'

  Base model:C-135
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1962
  Basic role:Transport
  Modified Mission:Weather reconnaissance

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 Leonel Leal
 Pico Rivera, CA
I was with the 56th from 1969 to 1971 as a 135 mechanic. Red Madden and myself left the Fussa Fighters Squadron in April 71 and did our year of R&R in Vietnam. My only claim to fame is being able to do a one man main gear tire change, Jimmy Newell can validate the claim. My last acft 671.
08/16/2014 @ 12:14 [ref: 68611]
 Roger Ashley
 Ormond Beach, FL
I was an ARWO (weather observer) with the 56th at Yokota from 1969-1972. We flew regular missions from Yokota to Eielson (RON) and a round robin daily as well as supporting ARCLIGHT B-52 ops. Your photos of a crashed 135 looks a lot like 672 from around 1971. I was told an elevator control rod was assembled backwards causing the elevator to lock. The plane wouldn't rotate! and only the quick thinking of the copilot in using the elevator trim tab got the plane off the overrun. They dumped fuel and landed using power settings. No one was injured. It was repaired by a Boeing crew and flew again about a year later. It was never right...
In about 2004 I was a meteorologist at Thule Greenland when 671 (I think) landed there- reconfigured for a new mission, but still flying. The Air Force certainly got its money's worth out of these aircraft.
02/22/2013 @ 07:14 [ref: 67607]
 Michael Erwin
 Pahrump, NV
I was stationed at McClellan AFB in the 41st later to become the 11th CAMS from Feb 74 to June 79. I remember 666 (we called it triple sick). Every time that thing landed it had pages of "write ups". I was in Instruments and it was a nightmare for us.
02/03/2013 @ 16:38 [ref: 67546]
 Bill Helbig
 berryville, VA
Flew WC135Bs out of KMCC 1977-1981. What a great airplane!! If you could handle 135, you could handle any Boeing airplane. Most interesting missions were the ones we were tasked with in 1979 when something flashed over the South Pacific when we were on a rotater at RJTY (Yakota AB). Ended up flying out of Diego Garcia and Mauritius in search of the remnants of a nuke blast somewhere in the area. Never did find anything but was that an amazing trip!!! We had great flight engineers and SEOs. I miss flying those missions though it did take me away from my family quite a bit. Got the airplane right out of pilot training. Refueling in those airplanes was the most challenging flying I ever did in 37 years of flying!!
12/26/2012 @ 15:40 [ref: 67441]
 George Kuhn
 , AZ
The photo's of the WC-135 B,does bring back a lot of memories for me.

The one picture with the tail number 666,is the plane I started on,when I entered the U.S.Air Force.I was at McClellan AFB in the 55th Weather Recon Squadron 1970 thru 1973

10/12/2012 @ 15:01 [ref: 67302]
 Nav Nelson
 O\'Fallon, IL
I used to work on these planes when they came TDY to Eielson. I remember changing the HF antenna on 666 and the crew chief took me up in the lift. He kind of hit the vertical stabilizer with the basket. At Eielson we called 666 "The Beast". Was that common? It didn't seem like the crew members liked that too much.
06/18/2012 @ 12:01 [ref: 60246]
 Bill Fessler
 Woolmarket, MS
Was crew chief from Jan '75 to July '78. Came back as flight engineer from Mar '84 to Sep '91. Love the 11th CAMS and 55th WRS
10/14/2011 @ 14:39 [ref: 49567]
 Don King
 , AZ
Thanks Aviation Enthusiast Corner for taking off those posts.
06/04/2011 @ 17:58 [ref: 39186]
 Don King
 , AZ
This post site is for the guys who worked the 135's not the BS posted below.
05/16/2011 @ 06:48 [ref: 38073]
 Gilbert, AZ
All of you guys are right it was the best of times and I miss it alot. I crew A/C 666 the beast but had the best of times flying around the world.
04/21/2011 @ 20:32 [ref: 37543]


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