Boeing X-32A 'TBD'

Notes: First contractor team (X-32) . FULL-SCALE technology demonstrator aircraft intended to validate technologies relevant to fielding a MULTI-SERVICE aircraft.
  Base model:X-32
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Research





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 Lisa S. Green
 , NV
I especially like any plane which diminishes the number of people who hate us. Fighters are tops in my book
10/05/2006 @ 11:24 [ref: 14381]
 , MI
L kitz your a dumb ass, the whole point of the JSF program was to make it available to all of our allies

neways i think that the f-35 and the x-32 are both sexy aircraft.... i think the CV variant of the the x-32 looks that best, and the STOL variant of the f-35 is the best
12/02/2005 @ 00:51 [ref: 11856]
 , CA
All the Boeing x's are the best jets ever made so far.
02/24/2005 @ 16:20 [ref: 9522]
 L Kitz
 Houston, TX
The United States should develope the meanest and fastest plane in the sky, built here with our parts and materials by us and itbe not for sale to any one period.
08/18/2004 @ 21:00 [ref: 8091]
 Tony B.
 , MI
I think both, the X-35 and the X-32, are just a big waste of money. The UASF should just upgrade the already proven cheap F-15. They should also upgrade the killer A-10 with newer avionics and weapon equipment.
03/03/2002 @ 16:07 [ref: 4439]
 -----------------------------------, NY
I think that of the X-32 and the X-35, the Boeing boys are going to walk away with a contract for at least 100 X-32 JSFs for the US, the UK and anyone else it chooses. The question I want to know is will this aircraft make an appearance with the F-22 at UK airshows in 2002?
03/11/2001 @ 06:13 [ref: 1800]
 Sivart Llecrep
 Sunnyvale, CA
I think airplanes are really really neet, especially fast new ones with shiny windows.
10/26/2000 @ 10:16 [ref: 941]


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