Boeing YB-50C 'Superfortress'

  Base model:B-50
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-Present
  Basic role:Bomber

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 evan thomas
 crumbsville, CA
i have a video tape of operation buster jangle and it repeatedly identifies an aircraft in flight as a b-54. let me know if this w/b any help. best regards, not newsweek.
04/16/2006 @ 19:14 [ref: 13177]
 Abe Maher
 , NC
Yes there was a partially built one. But I know of no photographs. There is an artist's drawing and a scale model of in in "U.S. bommbers from 1911-1980".
12/17/2004 @ 15:38 [ref: 8888]
 Earl Berlin, Jr.
 San Antonio, TX
A single YB-50C mockup was built, as best I recall. I don't know for sure whether there was a prototype under construction when the program was cancelled.
09/25/2004 @ 18:07 [ref: 8334]
 , NC
I am looking for pictures too. I have a copy of the boeing blueprint of the aircraft. There are model photos in "US bombers from 1909-1980". I think they produced a mock up of the b-54 but I haven't seen any photos of it.
09/16/2004 @ 23:17 [ref: 8278]
 Earl Berlin, Jr
 San Antonio, TX
I'm currently writing a book, to be published by Steve Ginter (Naval Fighters and Air Force Legends series of books) about the B-50 Superfortress. I'm interested in finding out what I can about the YB-50C, the proposed B-54A and RB-54A and the "one-off" versions of the B-50 that were used for test programs and small scale operational programs.

Can anyone tell me if there is a photo of the YB-50C under construction that's available? Also, was there a mockup and is there a photo of that as well?

Looking forward to hearing from anyone who has been associated with the B-50 in any way and anyone who was associated with the Yb-50C and B-54 programs.

Earl Berlin, Jr.
USAF (Ret)
05/08/2004 @ 11:55 [ref: 7388]