Boeing YB-52 'Stratofortress'


  Base model:B-52
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-Present
  Basic role:Bomber

  Length: 152' 7" 46.5 m
  Height:48' 4" 14.7 m
  Wingspan: 185' 0.9 m
  Wingarea: 4,000.0 sq ft 371.5 sq m
  Empty Weight: 160,000 lb 72,562 kg
  Gross Weight: 390,000 lb176,870 kg

  No. of Engines: 8
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney YJ57-P-8-3
  Thrust (each): 8,700 lb 3,945 kg

  Range: 5,200 miles 8,373 km
  Max Speed: 556 mph 895 km/h 483 kt

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 jim galloway
 jonesboro, GA
I recently won a toy YB-52 on ebay. its made of tin and behind and below the cockpit on both sides is "FLAGSHIP NARDINA". Does anyone know what this refers to? thanks jim
01/11/2008 @ 05:24 [ref: 19227]
Hi I worked on the B-52 great ol Buff,

I had a metal paperweight thing that was a example of the B-52 alloy, it said Sample of 2024-T351 Aluminum Alloy from the Wing Skin of the B-52, well about 6 mos ago I went to visit a friend at Hawthorne Northrop Grumman plant and left it for 2 mins and came back and someone had stole it!

If you know anyone who might have one to buy, sell, trade please let me know! Thanks

I collect these from other aircraft as well, and might be interested,
WANTED Lucite / Acrylic/ Perspex Paperweights
WANTED Lucite / Acrylic/ Perspex Paperweights mainly aviation related....many may say they have a “First Chip” in example “ First Chip from the milling process of the YF-23” or F-16 or something like that, many are from planes, missiles etc…
Some examples. McDonnell Douglas C-17 Production Shaving Lucite Paperweight, First F-22 Production Chip Lucite in the shape of the state of Georgia, containing production chip / shaving any project! See link for photos

Another type are made from metals, materials & alloys used in the aircraft's manufacture they have “this is a example of the aluminum alloy used in making the B-52, they are about the size of a pack of cigarettes, see link to photos

REMEMBER-I pay a finders fee; please pass this around to anyone who may be able to help… Thanks from Charles!

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