Boeing/Vertol CH-47C 'Chinook'

  Base model:H-47
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Helicopter
  Modified Mission:Transport

  Length: 51' 15.5 m
  Height: 5' 1.5 m
  Wingspan: 60' 18.2 m
  Empty Weight: 20,378 lb 9,241 kg
  Max Weight: 46,000 lb 20,861 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: Lycoming T55-L-11
  Horsepower (each): 3750

  Cruise Speed: 158 mph 254 km/h 137 kt
  Max Speed: 190 mph 305 km/h 164 kt
  Ceiling: 14,750 ft 4,495 m

Known serial numbers
67-18494 / 67-18551, 67-18552 / 67-18557, 68-15810 / 68-15869, 68-15990 / 68-16022, 69-17100 / 69-17126 , 70-15000 / 70-15043 , 71-20944 / 71-20955 , 71-20956 / 71-20959 , 74-22271 / 74-22294 , 76-22673 / 76-22684 , 79-23394 / 79-23401


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 Dave Shaw
 Waco, TX
Yes I was the FE on 494 when she crashed in Korea. Wayne H Faulkner (PltSgt)gave me 494 when I arrived in country. It had not flown in almost a year due to un-commanded SAS inputs. You never knew when it would happen. After a lot of ground runs without blades I found a bunch of bare wires in SAS closet. I believe it was only a couple of months after we lost the C-box in flight right after replacing aft transmission. We had just complete MTF and was called to make a run up to the "D" to pick-up a pac. CW4 Jim Smith was PIC (now deceased). On final into Humphries I could feel high freq in C-box area and told Jim to put her on the ground. I really thought it was aft-tranny. Jim went to ground. At about 100--200ft aft blades started hitting cabin. We fell through. I got everyone out after blades stopped hitting. Name on side was "Engleina".
04/06/2015 @ 14:55 [ref: 69018]
 John S
 Dallas, TX
Wow names I haven't heard in years. Sgt Untalan was in my Training Platoon at Ft Eustis. Played softball with him. I served with Mike Kingray as a Blackcat 75-76. I agree. Best Helo ever designed and flown. Since then I have had the privilege to work on the MH series starting with D models installing the first mods for WCS and mission planning console. I have also had the pleasure of working with former Innkeeper and flight instructor Lloyd Drennon who recently passed away.
05/21/2014 @ 06:19 [ref: 68480]
 Jim Scott
 , MD
I first flew 494 in 1970 at Ft Sill as a WO1. Supposedly, it was the first "C" model built. It followed me to Korea in 1975 assigned to the 213th and had been upgraded to a Super C at that point with L-11 engines. The next time I saw it was in Alaska when I was in the 242nd 1979-1982. It had been refurbed from the Korea C-box failure. Not sure what happened to it after that. If anyone knows, drop me a line at james.o.scottjr@us.army.mil
12/03/2013 @ 07:38 [ref: 68205]
 Mike Weinrich
 leonardtown, MD
I posted a picture of me standing by 67-18494 and said it was the winter of 1977 and I thought for a minute and it was the winter of 1978 because in the summer of 1979 494 crashed a mile from the runway. Dave Shaw was the fe and i was the ce during that time, I was off the day it crashed because I had C.Q. the night before when I saw dave later on that day he asked me if i wanted anything off of her and I was kind of puzzled and ask why thats when he told me they had a c box failure and landed a mile from the runway , it wasn't really a crash they landed and when they reduced power the gearbox exploded and the acft caught fire. I still have the flight fax. and pictures of it sitting in the rice paddy and when we slingloaded it back to base.
07/23/2012 @ 09:36 [ref: 63820]
 Don May
 , FL
I flew 47s with Big Windy, Geronimos and Happy Hookers. When I got out I grew My hair long, Changed my Name to Fabio and made a lot of money modeling tight jockey underware in ladies magazines. I thank Boing everyday.
12/27/2010 @ 19:15 [ref: 35073]
 Ramon Hidalgo-Acosta
 Killeen, TX
During my second tour with the 213th Avn Co (ASH) Black Cats, I was the assigned FE to Black Cats 74-22278. My crew chief was SP/4 Martin B. Engen. We were assigned to the 1st Flight Platoon under CPT David Richards and SFC Richard Untalan.
11/11/2010 @ 18:17 [ref: 33282]
 Ramon Hidalgo-Acosta
 Killeen, TX
I was stationed with the 213th Avn Co (ASH) Black Cats at Camp Humphreys 1978 - 1979 at the time of the 67-18494 mishap. It was tail # 67-18532 that brought 67-18494 from the crash site to A511. The FE was SSG Henson Bedau and I was the Crewchief. We were assigned to 1st Flight Platoon under CPT Schupner and SFC Fulkner. Any Black Cat can contact me to share information and pictures. I have the Black Cats year Books 1979 and 1984 as well.
11/11/2010 @ 17:21 [ref: 33281]
 frank sulllivan
 cape carteret, NC
i served with big windy in germany, haulmark in fort campbell, blackcats and innkeepers in korea. knew lots of hookers and their aircraft. an elite crew and proud to know them all. lets remember not only them but the fallen but not forgotten crewmembers also.
10/24/2010 @ 15:00 [ref: 31647]
 Bob Buffo
 , IL
I crewed 76-16674 as part of the 242nd at Ft. Wainwright Ak from 1976-1980. What a good aircraft. It was an honor to serve with the guys that I did.
09/10/2010 @ 18:12 [ref: 29837]
 Brad Johnson
 , OR
74-22274 was my baby with the Innkeepers in 1985-86. "Southern Comfort" was a good bird and I took very good care of her.
08/06/2009 @ 00:52 [ref: 24330]


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