CASA 212 'STOL Utility plane'

  Base model:212
  Nickname:STOL Utility plane
  Basic role:V/STOL

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 , OTH
Good Morning.
We have 2 C212-400 for sale. Brand news.
Passenger config. Less than 1000FH.
05/28/2015 @ 04:13 [ref: 69106]
 Diego Castro
 Miami, FL
Good afternoon, I am looking for this item AOG

thank you very much

P / N

Qty: 1

04/14/2015 @ 10:09 [ref: 69043]
 Vectis Group
Looking urgently for lease or leasepurchase of one CASA 212/200 for cargo transportation and skydiving.
All proposans welcomm by mail
Rest regards Alexaandre POZDER
09/23/2014 @ 22:48 [ref: 68666]
 , OTH
If you are looking for C-212 parts, send us your RFQ and we will provide a quote
06/10/2014 @ 00:57 [ref: 68507]
 Kenmark Aviation
 , SC
Kenmark Aviation has Casa 212 parts for sale. Also looking to purchase Casa 212 parts or aircrafts.
Please send requests and items for purchase to mdeering57@yahoo.com
04/29/2014 @ 14:43 [ref: 68465]
 J. Spat
 , FL
I have 2 CASA 212-200 s for sale and they come with a selection of parts.

01/13/2014 @ 05:02 [ref: 68294]
 James Dyba
 Panama City, OTH
Looking for EGT gauges for the 300 series. Got a CASA 300 that I am rebuilding and I need the gauges, Any help out there?
05/24/2013 @ 08:22 [ref: 67833]
 Nathalie HURE
We are looking for spares for CASA 212. Please contact us at info@nhe-aerotrading.fr
02/11/2013 @ 22:01 [ref: 67577]
 , OTH
1200 Lines of CASA212 spares

List available
02/11/2013 @ 21:23 [ref: 67576]
 Ben Bohrer
 Franklinton, NC
I am looking for PN: 212-1439-0001 Spindle for one of our CACA 212s (200). OEM lead time is 9months. I need part much sooner than that. Any info would be appreciated.

Ben Bohrer
Parts Manager
Rampart Aviation
919-496-2224 ext 1123
09/10/2012 @ 13:29 [ref: 67204]


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