Cessna OA-37B 'Dragonfly'

Notes: A-37B observation aircraft.
  Base model:A-37
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Attack
  Modified Mission:Observation

  Length: 29' 3.5" 8.9 m
  Height:8' 10.5" 2.7 m
  Wingspan: 35' 10.5" 10.9 m
  Wingarea: 183.9 sq ft 17.0 sq m
  Empty Weight: 6,211 lb 2,816 kg
  Gross Weight: 6,579 lb 2,984 kg
  Max Weight: 14,000 lb 6,349 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: General Electric J85-GE-17A
  Thrust (each): 2,850 lb 1,292 kg

  Range: 650 miles 1,046 km
  Cruise Speed: 489 mph 787 km/h 425 kt
  Max Speed: 507 mph 816 km/h 441 kt
  Climb: 6,990 ft/min 2,130 m/min
  Ceiling: 41,765 ft 12,729 m

Examples of this type may be found at
Illinois ANG - 182nd AG, PeoriaPeoriaIllinois
Michigan ANG - 110th FG, Battle CreekBattle CreekMichigan
Pennsylvania ANG - 111st FG, Willow GroveWillow GrovePennsylvania

OA-37B on display

Michigan ANG - 110th FG, Battle Creek


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 everett daniels
 houston, TX
I was stationed @ Osan Air Base, South Korea. I enjoyed working on the OA37, i was a crew cheif and flew in it twice while station there. It was really nice to get to fly in it and appreciate the work even more......
06/26/2011 @ 20:37 [ref: 39797]
 David Enriquez
 Orange, CA
I miss you guys. Panama wa the life. Great plane to work on!

David Enriquez
06/17/2011 @ 10:12 [ref: 39653]
 Albert D. Abdool
 Pembroke Pines, FL
Hey Manny, get in touch with me ad.photo@yahoo.com
06/02/2011 @ 13:56 [ref: 39176]
 RB Jenkins
 Atlanta, GA
Worked them in Panama, 1989-1990...loved the aircraft and the country!
02/25/2011 @ 09:41 [ref: 36297]
 RB Jenkins
 Atlanta, GA
Worked them in Panama, 1989-1990...loved the aircraft and the country!
02/25/2011 @ 09:41 [ref: 36296]
 Manuel Rivera
 Melbourne, FL
Yes I was also stationed at Howard AFB Panama and worked with Al, Floyd, and many others on the Dragonfly, one hell of a jet. We worked hard and played hard.

01/17/2011 @ 08:12 [ref: 35805]
 Albert D. Abdool
 Pembroke Pines, FL
Hey Dragon Fly fans, Yeah I miss that jet 73-1069 code one flyer, no red X's allowed. lol. 24 TASS Howard AFB, Panama. 1985 -1989. Hey Jerome, how's the surf in San Diego :))
Tell your father and you sister hello for me. A flying crew chief, I was, went every where. It fly's like a race car drives, last of the non electric/Hydro. control systems. I was there when the 0-2's where being phased and the D'flys brought in. Anyone want to get in touch, E-me at albert.abdool@yahoo.com I MISS PANAMA.... P.S. I hate phase dock.
03/08/2010 @ 18:41 [ref: 25852]
 J Chilgren
 Portland, OR
I was walking along Salguero Beach in Santa Marta, Colombia, and 2 OA-37B Dragonfly aircraft circled. They are still in use by the Colombian Air Force (FAC), apparently. Quite a sight!
03/07/2010 @ 04:42 [ref: 25837]
 Griffin, leon
 , DC
Was at D-M from 84-87, was a jet mech with the 23rd then became the "FOD GOD", loved the Dragonfly.
12/11/2009 @ 13:21 [ref: 25417]
 Tavares, FL
I was at D-M, '85 - '87. My first jet was 281 the Coyote Killer, It was sitting in hangar with damaged nose strut. I moved over to 279 and it's WHITE wheel wells. Then I drove the Skeeter/Spyder truck before I left for Iceland.

03/12/2009 @ 11:35 [ref: 23931]


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