Cessna OE-2 (O-1C) 'Bird Dog II'


Control Panel
  Base model:OE
  Nickname:Bird Dog II
  Equivalent to: O-1C O1CO-1C
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1922-1962
  Basic role:Observation
  Crew:Pilot & Observer
  See Also:

  Length: 25' 9" 7.8 m
  Height:9' 1" 2.7 m
  Wingspan: 36' 10.9 m
  Empty Weight: 1,830 lb 829 kg
  Max Weight: 2,650 lb 1,201 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Continental O-470-2
  Horsepower (each): 265

  Range: 708 miles 1,140 km
  Max Speed: 185 mph 297 km/h 160 kt
  Ceiling: 26,200 ft 7,985 m

Known serial numbers
63-12741 / 63-12744, 151776 / 151779


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 steve noyes
 Newbury, MA
just got my web site updated, visit it at www.birddogsbynoyes.com, lots of dog info!
08/14/2014 @ 02:49 [ref: 68606]
 Gary Sheldon
 , MN
Served with VMO-1 1960-62. This aricraft performed well for which it was designed. Bisides aerial spotting, message drops and message pick-ups off Marine's rifles was a unique way to communicate with the artillary folks without radios. I along with Maj Charlie Bogg carrier qualified on the USS Boxer in 1960 while deployed to Vieques. We had several days floating around in the Carribbean when we were cleared for flight ops. We each did three T&Gs and three full stops. Has anyone else done this? Gary Sheldon, Capt. ret.
03/06/2013 @ 05:25 [ref: 67644]
 steve noyes
 , ME
for some reason that link didnt work, try this one

03/02/2013 @ 02:31 [ref: 67633]
 steve noyes
 , ME
to see the New SuperDog II in flight, cut and past this you tube link to your web browser


to order you new SuperDog II

Steve noyes
noyes ent
birddogs are us
16 medway rd
millinocket, me. 04462

ph 9788360361
birddog sales, service, restoration and modifications
03/02/2013 @ 02:27 [ref: 67632]
 Steve Noyes
 millinocket, ME
Introducing the New SuperDog II

go to




for more info contact
steve noyes
noyes enterprises
birddogs are us
16 medway rd
millinocket, me. 04462
ph 9788360361
12/03/2012 @ 06:58 [ref: 67371]
 steve noyes
 Newbury, MA
HI Guys,

i am a birddog restoration and modification facility, i have researched the OE-2 extensively and have lots of info on them, but there just aren't any around, my main focus in the meantime is the preservation and future support of the O-1, i own 11 stc's for the dog and the most popular one is what i call the SUPERDOG, i replace the original military 0-470-11 (or-15) with a complete FACTORY NEW firewall forward using a Lycoming O-540 250hp, with constant speed 3 blade Hartzell propeller light weight accessories and all the modern accessories to go with it. you can visit my blog at www.birddogsteve.blogspot.com to see some pictures. Canada is one of the remaining foreign militaries still using the dog, and i am currently re-powering their fleet of dogs!!

steve noyes
noyes ent
birddogs are us
facilities in
newbury, mass.
millinocket maine
ph 978 836 0361

birddog sales service, restoration and modifications
12/04/2011 @ 17:19 [ref: 50991]
 Dave Bushlow
 , CA
I was with VMO-6, '67-'69.

I hope all you VMO types will pay a visit, make a comment, and if possible, help us reach our goal.

06/12/2011 @ 11:12 [ref: 39439]
 , TX
What are you doing Tom ?
04/24/2011 @ 07:12 [ref: 37557]
 Van C. Pacey
 St. Charles, MN
I worked for M.G. "Blinky" Waitt or as he signed it MGW8 at the 0-1 Detachment from 08-67 to 04-68. The 0-1C was a inconsistent bird with supercharger problems. When she was good, she was very good, but when she had problems she was a dog. Some pilots compared flying a well functioning Charlie model to a Golf as moving from a sports car to a family sedan.
12/22/2010 @ 17:10 [ref: 34734]
 Pat Murphy
 Casa Grande Az., AZ
Trade-a-Plane listed a 0-1C with a Las Vegas phone number in 2005 or so. No price and no answer either. I hope there is one somewhere in the USA, The Navy and Marines didn't save any. I do wonder what the Korens did with the few they got. Thanks for the info I always wondered what became of the survivors: There were only 16 extant when they went to Vietnam.
09/19/2010 @ 13:40 [ref: 30264]


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