Cessna YH-41 'Seneca'

  Base model:H-41
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Helicopter

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Known serial numbers
56-4236 / 56-4245

Examples of this type may be found at
United States Army Aviation MuseumOzarkAlabama


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 Erik Hetzer
 , IA
A 1/40 scale plasic model kit of the h-41was produced in the late 50's originally by Adams Models, then by Snap, then finally by Lifelike Models, all from the same mold. It is strangely called the "Missile Carrier" and not h-41. It is configured to carry two Hawk missiles, which it never did. A decent replica of the H-41 can be built from the kit by leaving the missiles off. they can be fond on ebay.
07/07/2011 @ 20:56 [ref: 39916]
 David Hatcher
 Dothan, AL
The Army procured this helicopter from 1955 to 1963. The helicopter was exported under foreign military sales. By researching serial numbers, the best I could come up with is that were at least 20 of this type were made. It is difficult to determine since the aircraft were bought and sold back and forth between Cessna and the Army. Reports from Mr Siebel and others associated with the type have said that "around 40" were built.

Although designed and engineered by Mr Charles Siebel (pronunced say-bull), the type was purchased by Clyde Cessna who retained Mr Siebel as the chief engineer.

Cessna marketed the civil version the CH-1 Skyhook, established a training and support network and demonstrated the type during the Seattle Worlds Fair.

The Skyhook, flown by a Army test pilot made the first helicopter landing on Pikes Peak, established altitude and speed records for the class. One time getting caught in the jetstream and eventually landing hundreds of miles away.

Cessna abandonded the type in 1964, reportedly destroying all jigs and fixtures.

56-4236/4245 Cessna YH-41 Seneca c/n 45005/45014

62-5845/5848 Cessna UH-41A Seneca all sold to Guatemala

62-12350 Cessna UH-41A Seneca c/n 45526. Sold to Guatemala

63-8067/8071 Cessna UH-41A Seneca c/n 45515,45517, 45519, 45521,45528. Sold to Iran

63-9793 Cessna UH-41A Seneca c/n 45529 sold to Guatemala

The type certificate is still valid with the FAA and a substantial amount of enginnering drawings are in the archieves at the Army Aviation Museum.

The sole surviving example is in non display storage at the Army Aviation Museum, Fort Rucker, Alabama.

12/04/2006 @ 15:30 [ref: 14910]
 Robert P. Pettengill
 Laguna Woods, CA
The YH-41 was being tested by Board Six in the mid 50's at Ft. Rucker. Then Captain Jim Bowman was one of the project pilots on the program. I was with TATSA at the time and had opportunities to fly with the Board pilots and visa-versa. I enjoyed flying with Jim in the YH-41. It was a beautiful helicopter and a unique design for it's time.

Robert P. Pettengill
06/25/2005 @ 14:13 [ref: 10583]


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