Consolidated R3Y-2 'Tradewind'

  Base model:R3Y
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1931-1962
  Basic role:Transport

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
128450, 131720 / 131724


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 Jim Miller
 Genva, IL
Hello All:
I am a retired navy aircrewman who flew the P3 Orion as a radio operator, and would really appreciate any feedback I could get regarding the T40 engines on the Tradewind.
I would think that there would be a decoupling assembly to remove the failed engine from the gearbox, similar to the way the T56 will decouple the prop on a P3 if it senses a negative torque situation (prop driving engine). Additionally, would not there also be a indication of loss of torque on the failed engine drive shaft, loss of Turbine Inlet Tempature (TIT), and Fuel Flow to the failed engine would decrease, and last of all assuming it was configured this way, a drop of RPM. I look forward to any replys,
in the mean time FAIR WINDS AND FOLLOWING SEAS to all my shipmates/planepals.....Jim Miller AT1 (ret) P3BIFCO1@YAHOO.COM.
06/07/2011 @ 14:32 [ref: 39206]
 R. D. (Bud) Hoffman
 Mesa, AZ
Hi, all. I served in VR-2 from March '56 through March '57 in the Public Information Office working for LCDR Andrew Serrell (SP?) producing The Transpacker newsletter. I remember the transition period from the JRM Mars to the R3Y Tradewind. I used to frequent the Embarcadero YMCA on weekends for the girls and the dancing.
Thanks Ray Weiser for bringing me to this web site.
Bud Hoffman, JOC, USN Ret.
05/26/2011 @ 16:02 [ref: 38814]
 Ray Wieser
 Naperville, IL
I was in VR-2 from March, 1957 to March, 1958. Initially in the "First Lt." office as a duty driver. Delivered a lot of box lunches to the planes going out plus other duties. Then moved into the Parachute loft until the start of decommissioning. Then to the U.S.S. Ticonderoga, CVA-14,
home port, Alameda.
I have some photos of the 446 crash and others that I will post.

Look forward to hearing from anyone who might remember me or was there at the same time.
05/15/2011 @ 09:34 [ref: 38058]
 Jeb Brown
 Greensboro, NC
I'm looking for a flight manual for the Tradewind. Anyone happen to have one? Please contact me if so, jb7brown@yahoo.com
03/03/2011 @ 16:07 [ref: 36530]
 Tom Gielow
 St Louis, MO
I was assigned to VR-2, Alameda CA Supply Dept. 1956 1957. Worked for Lt Berkheiser and Chief Stringer. Going to this web site and reading the comments from people stationed there when I was, brought back many memories. I am looking at a group picture of the people who worked in the supply dept in January 1957. I remember when BUNO 448 (thats the no. I have on the photograph...pretty worn) went down in the mud flats by Hayword CA in May 1957. We made several supply trips to the people working at Clear Lake CA where VR-2 emergency sea plane landing site was located. I ended my Navy active duty at VR-2 in 1957 and used the GI Bill (PL550) to attended St Louis University and received a BS degree in 1961.
02/04/2011 @ 11:40 [ref: 35932]
 Jerry Howell
 Windsor, CA
I was attached to VR-2 at NAS Alameda in 1956 and 1957. I worked for a while on the paint crew of the R3Y. I can remember walking the wing and thinking how high off the ground we were. I also worked in Supply and in the Tool Crib for a time. I remember chief Aielo in the prop shop.
I sang at the White Hat Club on base with a Country Music group made up of sailors from a couple of different squadrons there at Alameda.
That was a long time ago!
04/19/2010 @ 13:30 [ref: 26038]
 Ardmore, OK
I came close to being in the crash.I was part of the crew working on it.It was noon chow time,so they sent half to chow,and kept half so they would have a flight crew,if the problem got fixed.I was in the group chosen to go to chow. We were told to hurry,so we could relive the other half. We returned to hear the news. I still have my certified in flight refueler card.I would like to visit the old base.Remember the White Hat Club, they would announce over PA,need escorts at the gate.The race to outrun all the other sailors to the gate,to sign the girls in.Fun times.
11/24/2009 @ 10:51 [ref: 25333]
 Harry Saunders
 Cottonwood, AZ., AZ
Hi, to any one who might remember me, I was In VR-2 from 1956 to just after 446 crashed. I worked for chief Aielo in the prop shop, Iwas sent to Hawaii to assemble a prop for the no. 3 position, and flew back on it, which turned out to be quite a ride, From fleet tactacial supp. squad. 2, as it was called then, I went to VA-63 to complete my time in the navy, after 2 years in college I became a navigator in the airforce. After that I went to work for the airlines as an a&p mechanic retiring from Northwest in 2000 I have many fond memories of VR-2.of the people and the work I enjoyed. Lt Ragsdale & CDR Binkley did an great job getting us down in one piece, I was on the Long cord in the aft rt. side of the ac during the whole thing,and remember coolness of their conversation.Best reguards to all ---Harry Saunders (ADJ-2)
07/02/2009 @ 13:31 [ref: 24276]
 Randy Ragsdale
 , FL
Sharon - thank you and I will pass it along to Dad. And pass my good wishes on to your mother. I have many pictures of the the "day" taken form a Coast Guard plane. I am trying to put a slide show together with a narration from Dad. It is going slowly. And feel free to contact me at RandolphRagsdale@earthlink.net.
08/18/2007 @ 14:20 [ref: 17674]
 Sharon Mapes (McCracken)
 Battle Ground, WA
Randy- I am glad that you found this site and left your message- My mother, who still lives in San Diego, was very happy when I shared your message with her. My Father passed away back in 1993, but he often recalled his Navy years and thought so well of your father also. Our family keeps this memory alive and our Grandchildren know the story of the day that their Great-Grandpa crased into the seawall. Please pass a warm hello to your father from my Mother, Leona.
07/23/2007 @ 12:21 [ref: 17249]


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