Consolidated RY-1 'Liberator Express'

  Base model:RY
  Nickname:Liberator Express
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1931-1962
  Basic role:Transport

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Known serial numbers
67797 / 67799


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 Richard L. Huffman Jr
 , FL
As you can see I shared the same name with my father. My son Greg Huffman informed me of this web site so I thought I would give it look see. I am in some what of a hurry getting ready for a trip so I won't spend too much time here now. But I will tell you this, I have spent a number of hours in and around the old ship while we were stationed at Corpus Ghristi TX. I have the original log book as well one of the yoke spinners removed prior to the plane being junked. I shall return to home base in a couple of months and will tell as much as my old memory will allow if it would be welcomed. Richard
03/30/2007 @ 05:08 [ref: 16037]
 Gregory L. Huffman USN/RET
 , MI
I ran across a picture in my files this week of Admiral Nimitz and my Grandfather, LCDR Richard L. Huffman in front of their RY-1. That prompted a Google search tonight and a very pleasant surprise. I've never seen a full picture of the RY-1 so the picture with this entry is great. Is this their actual RY-1? I know this was posted a few years ago so hope there is still someone out there to read this. Thanks for your entry and I hope this finds you well. Sincerely, GLH
03/22/2007 @ 14:42 [ref: 16000]
 Mark Stovall
 , CA
J.C. "Pappy" (as the younger pilots called him) Stovall was my grandfather. Admiral Nimitz thought very highly of my grandfather and as such made him his personal radio operator.

My grandfather spent 21 years in Naval aviation. In addition to visiting most of the Pacific Islands during the war, he was in one of the planes that made the first mass flight from San Diego to Honolulu. He was also one of the first visitors on Midway Island.

Being a pilot myself, I enjoyed reading his logbooks and hearing the stories from my grandmother.
12/15/2004 @ 09:10 [ref: 8870]
 John J. \"JJ\" McKenna
 , CA
Joel C. Stovall was the radioman for the Liberator Express; his log book is at PBY website:


Very interesting reading of the bases the aircraft flew to.


10/10/2002 @ 02:16 [ref: 5859]
 W. Jennings
 , VA
RY-1 serial number 67798 was assigned to Admiral Chester Nimitz as his flag plane in 1944-45. Aircraft commander was Lt. Commander Richard Huffman
03/26/2002 @ 13:26 [ref: 4590]


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