Consolidated TBY-2 'Avenger'


  Base model:TBY
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1935-1946
  Basic role:Torpedo Bomber

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Known serial numbers
30299 / 30367, 30368 / 30370, 30369


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 seattle, WA
The TBY-2 is named "SEAWOLF" not Avenger
03/09/2010 @ 20:38 [ref: 25862]
 Bill Brannen
 Eatonton, GA
After flying 25 or more combat missions from the U.S.S. Bismarck Sea, CVE 95, which was sunk at Iwo Jima by Jap kamakizes, I was assigned as a test pilot at NAS Patuxent River. flying the TB-2. It was a neat plane, faster than the TBM-3 but not as rugged, much more "glass" and the avionics was better. when you approached a landing, one lever lowered the landing wheels, flaps, dropped hook, put engine in low pitch and low blower, locked shoulder straps and opened canopy. It also had a better autopilot than the TBM-3. Both planes were easy to fly but nothing compared to the Bearcat. BB
08/27/2007 @ 10:20 [ref: 17773]
 John D. Voss
 Los Gatos, CA
As the Navy took delivery of 180 TBY Seawolfs that would equip about nine squadrons of aircraft. Looking for feedback as what squadrons operated the aircraft (VT, VX, VJ, etc.)and to which NAS's were they assigned. I do know that NAS Quonset Point (RI)had a number of TBY's stationed there.
03/27/2006 @ 16:37 [ref: 12941]
 Keith Thompson
 , TX
To Mr Paul Studdard
Colorado Springs, CO
If there are any drawings they are at the National
Archives. Microfilm is available for $10 /roll. Example 84 rolls for the Consolidated PB4Y2, 52 for the Martin PBM3, 48 for the TBF Avenger.
Consilidated /Lockheed/ Martin/ Marietta has been most gracious in extending permission to obtain what ever microflim rolls that you can afford.
Grumman /Northrup has however denied any access to these records for some corporate litigation reason.

04/15/2004 @ 19:55 [ref: 7221]
 Steve & Cori Galeener
 Bellflower, CA
Although Vought designed and built the prototype of the TBY, and Consolidated built 180 production aircraft, the Seawolf never served operationally. Vought designed the torpedo bomber on a Navy contract awarded 22 April 1940, but heavy production orders led both the Navy and the firm to conclude that another manufacturer should build the aircraft in quantity. Consolidated received an order for 1,100 planes, but built only 180 before the order was canceled. The lone Vought aircraft was designated XTBU-1. The Consolidated version was designated TBY-2.

First flight 22 December 1941

Last reported in squadron A TBY-2 on 31 Aug 1945






Gross 17,491–18,940 lbs Empty 11,366 lbs



Wing span 56 ft 11 5/32 in Wing area 440 sq ft Height 18 ft 6 1/2 in Length 39 ft 2 1/4 in



Guns three fixed .50 cal. with 640 rounds, one flexible .50 cal. with 400 rounds, one flexible .30 cal. with 500 rounds. Bomb capacity 2,000 lbs internal, 2,000 lbs external

Naval Historical Center
Vough Aircraft Inc. Retireee Club
Joseph Baugher
Last Revised August 27, 2002

Bureau Numbers

30299-31398 TBY-2


(30368-30370 canceled)

Only 30299/30367, 30369, 30371/30480 completed. Remainder cancelled. 

30303 left gear collapsed at NAS Patuxent River, MD Jul 16, 1945, major damage. 

30314 ground-looped on cross-wind landing At NAS Anacostia, DC Apr 15, 1946, minor damage. 

30325 one-wheel landing at NAS Quonset Point, RI Mar 11, 1946. Minor damage. 

30338 in hard landing at NAS Patuxent River, MD Oct 5,1945, Minor damage 

30366 wheel came off on landing at NAS Norfolk, VA Jan 28, 1946, Minor damage 

30393 SOC after wheels-up landing at NAS Oceana, VA Feb 2, 1946. 

30395 damaged beyond repair after ground-looping May 26, 1947. 

30396 minor damage after taxi accident Jun 6, 1947. 30414 overshot runway during landing at Convair Field Jul 18, 1945. 2 killed. 

30447 SOC after forced wheels-up landing NAS Norfolk, VA Feb 7, 1946. 

30448 and 30444 in minor ground collision at NAS Memphis, TN May 1, 1947.

30481-31398 (all canceled)

30369 TBY-2



10/21/2002 @ 17:56 [ref: 5922]
 , AR
Hey Dave!
08/26/2001 @ 16:57 [ref: 3020]
 Paul Studdard
 Colorado Springs, CO
Hello Rae,

I am a huge Naval Aviation buff and also an Radio Control scale modeler. I have a copy of Steve Ginter's book, but does your museum have any engineering drawings, three views, structural, blueprints, etc. of the Sea Wolf as manufactured at the Allentown plant. Anything that would help me scratch build a scale flying model of it.

I am a flying sponsor of the Confederate Air Force's Curtiss SB2C-5 Helldiver. I really appreciate some of the beautifully ugly planes that aren't quite household words.

Thank you

Paul Studdard,
Confederate Air Force
07/06/2001 @ 03:54 [ref: 2596]
 Rae Klahr
 Allentown, PA
I incorporated the "Sea Wolf Museum" in 1994 and have been gathering information and artifacts of this remarkable aircraft ever since. Ithought you might like to pass this on to your visitors. I am always looking for donations of memorabilia and information for this torpedo bomber and I would like to do some interviews with those who were involved with it.

I plan on finishing up a web page displaying what I have gleaned so far and will notify folks when it is up and running. I will also publish those who have donated and what our little museum has acquired. Those who have passed on will be honored here as well.

The museum is small but growing and is located on Queen City Airport (1N9)in Allentown. Part of the display is in the Piemont-Hawthorne lobby and includes a restored middle section of the canopy. A four panel display of the production line hangs on the walls. Further donations of other parts of the plane have come in and will be displayed as we can accomodate. By the way, the old Convair Hangar still stands although it has been modified somewhat and is now the City garage.

A modelers book published by Steve Ginter on the plane and its prototype are available for a small donation. Anyway, The goal of the museum is to bring to light the part that Allentown and its people played in the war effort.

my e-mail address is, appropriately enough, tby2@rcn.com for those who might like to contact me.
04/26/2001 @ 00:46 [ref: 2158]
 Tom Beamer
 Bethlehem, PA
I used to be manage Queen City Airport in Allentown, the former CONVAIR TBY flight test facilty. The TBY was the SEAWOLF not the AVENGER which was the Grumman/Eastern Aircraft TBF/TBM.
01/03/2001 @ 15:02 [ref: 1310]
 Dan Kell
 , WI
Some of your serial numbers for TBY-2 production are incorrect. Aircraft built would include: 30299/30367, 30369, 30371/30480. Serial numbers 30368 and 30370 were numbers reallocated for two examples of the Sikorsky XHJS-1.
08/18/2000 @ 01:02 [ref: 624]


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