Convair B-36B 'Peacemaker'

  Base model:B-36
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-Present
  Basic role:Bomber
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Known serial numbers
44-92026 / 44-92098


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 Bob King
 Newport Beach, CA
In 1950-51 (or so), I was a teenager and going to school (some of the time!) in San Diego. Got a gig (lied about my age) at Convair on the 3-11 shift. What fun .... and they paid me, too.
My job (actually my first job at a big company) was to "degunk" the wing tanks of, I believe, the B-36B. The planes (more than one on the line) were being modified .... JATO tanks being installed and, I think, wheel carriages to be modified.
Christ ... I was so young and naive!! The foreman had me climb down into the tanks to remove the 'bullet proofing' gunk lining the tank walls. Where the hell was OSHA then? No ventilation and working in a semi-closed space with some kind of laquer-based remover!! It made me dizzy and sick to my stomach ..... but, they were paying me about eighty cents and hour - so, I stuck it out! Wow .... I'm sure that crap was carcinogenic!! Anyway, worked there for a couple of months and they fired me .... reason? I can't recall.
Shortly thereafter, enlisted in AF and after radio school in Keesler, assigned to Fairchild. Since no billet for my job, I was temporarily assigned to AP and 'guarded' the 36s against an 'infiltration' by SAC's 'enemy agents'. Seems as if these airplanes were the same I had previously worked on at Convair! Ironic!
Signed for crypto school and, upon graduation, sent back to Fairchild. Shortly thereafter, sent to Guam. No 'guarding' this time!
A short time later I was sent to Yokota Air Base as an ADVON crypto operator to participate in a simulated bombing run on targets and alternate targets in Russia. All B-36s from, I believe, Fairchild and Ellsworth. This was in mid 1955 or so. The assignment lasted about a week. I also participated in a similar assignment a few months later while TDY from Guam to Kadena - a similar assignment period.
Anyone remember dates and does anyone care?
Message me .... no crypto messages, please! I left my 2591 at Pinecastle!
06/07/2004 @ 18:38 [ref: 7563]


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