Convair C-131E 'Samaritan'

Notes: Improved C-131B modified for cargo, passengers or litters (2 CREW, 48 PASSENGERS, OR 38 LITTERS) .
  Base model:C-131
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1962
  Basic role:Transport
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Known serial numbers
57-2548 / 57-2552


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 John Curtis
 Baltimore, MD
I was stationed in Franfurt Germsny 1969-71 was crew chief C-131A. We had 5 C-131s, and 5 C-118s. Got out in 1972, but always wondered where the planes went to. They were replaced with jet aircraft. Would like to hear from anyone connected to that part of my life was so excitting.

Ready aft a moments notice!!!!!
12/28/2013 @ 07:39 [ref: 68260]
 Bill Clark
 Duke, OK
C-131E 55-4758 crashed into a mountain at Hill AFB Utah in 1962 or 63.Lost engine on take-off turned into mountain to make a closed pattern approach.Was turning into good engine an run out of anyplace to go,hit mountain both wings sheared , tail broke off. 22 passengers only had minor injuries.One crew member killed. Msgt Milton Thomas flt Engineer.I was the crew chief/ Flt Engineer on the aircraft at time of the accident.The aircraft was assigned to Gen. Copeland,commander of OAMA,he was also onboard with minor injuries.
10/10/2010 @ 19:28 [ref: 31365]
 william b. doss
 new holstein, WI
i was a a air evac tec. crewed c131 at travis afb,kelly afb. rhienmain germany. about 5000 hours. beautiful bird. would land and take off on one. landed on 1 at denver.
03/10/2010 @ 12:56 [ref: 25869]
 Danny Howser
 , OH
I was the crew chief / flight mechanic on 55-4751 from 1980 through 1983. The aircraft was assigned to the 121 TFW at Rickenbacker ANGB Ohio. I did the cockpit restoration. Myself and members of the maintenance squadron installed a new interior, revised the galley and replaced the carpet. During my tenure as crew chief I replaced both engines, augmentor tubes, mufflers, landing gears, all liquid carrying hoses and various additional components.
The interior was configured to seat 32 passengers, including 3 tables and a couch.
02/19/2008 @ 15:44 [ref: 19728]
 George McClain
 Richmond, VA
I flew C-131E 55-4751 as a flight mech for the Ohio ANG Mar. '78 till Aug. '80. This acft was sold as surplus and registered as N131T. It was destroyed in a fatal crash in Saint Johns, AZ on Feb. 5, 1996. Seems they were several thousand pounds overweight taking off from a 5300 foot strip at 6000 plus feet MSL with no flaps and no ADI. That will do it every time.

I'm trying to find some pics of this plane. If anyone has any, would you mind emailing them to me.

01/04/2002 @ 12:08 [ref: 3980]
 T/SGT H D Robertson Retired
 Bloomington, IN

Sgt Johnson
I am so glad to find someone who also was at Brooks AFB. I can remember you I believe you were a t/sgt at the time. I was an airman 3/c WE had the 131E's 1955 Model's # 4750,4751,4752,4753,4754,4757,4758,4759, and the old A model 781 the 57 model 552. When the SQ.Broke up it went to Kelly as det 1 and was reduced to 4 or 5 c131A's. The C131E 55-4752 went to Kelly and was ass. to brooks nurse training. Fling out of Kelly they had a c97 59595 and 2 F-100 also ass. to Brooks fling out of Kelly. I left Kelly and went to Wheelus AFB N. AF for 18 month's. then to Orlando Fla. on the EC121D's I was there for 14 month's when I went to Vietnam for one year. Returning to Kelly I again got to be the crew chief on 55-4752 for the next 3 years At this time it was called Gen. Rodman's airplane He was the commander of the airospace sys at Brooks. I left there to Korea for 13 months Returning to Kirkland AFB where I finish out my time I retired in Dec. 1977 from Kirkland. I am In to finding OUT all I can on the C131E'S. Respectfully yours T/SGT Hobert D. Robertson USAF Retired.
12/28/2001 @ 01:24 [ref: 3917]


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