Convair CT-29A

  Base model:T-29
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Trainer
  Modified Mission:Transport

Not Yet Available


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07/14/2011 @ 19:10 [ref: 41161]

 Earl R. Benedict
 Bangor, CA
In refence to the T-29A in late 1958 at Wiesbaden Germany I was flying as a flight Engineer on convair T-29A ser. 49-1910, This aircraft was modified at the convair plant in Fort Worth Texas with the large cargo door, APU, and an aray of camras,a specal drift meter,my crew went back to Texas with this aircraft for more updates and we brought back 49-1933 which was modified just like 1910.
03/18/2009 @ 20:03 [ref: 23976]
 jim mitchell
 , OR
I flew on each of the four CT 29As in the 60s and would like very much to have a picture of one of them, for my memories, if any such picture exists .
11/14/2004 @ 22:25 [ref: 8622]