Convair T-29B

Notes: Low wing trainer transport with periscopic sextant window (4 CREW, 10 STUDENTS) .

  Base model:T-29
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Trainer

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Known serial numbers
51-3797 / 51-3816, 51-5114 / 51-5172, 51-7892 / 51-7917, 513802, 515117, 515124, 515129 , 515145 , 515165 / 515166 , 517895 , 517906 , 517908


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 , CO
In the mid to late 60's I flew quite a few times out of Lowry AFB in Denver, now long time closed of course, on a T-29. The tail number was 21115. I have looked on the internet quite a bit to see if I can find any records on the bird, but nothing so far. Anyone have any ideas about this aircraft. It was a nav trainer configuration bird.
09/19/2013 @ 14:54 [ref: 68071]
 Lt Col Dave Moore, (Ret.)
 , CT
I hereby add one tail number to the list! I flew T-29B 51-5137 at Hancock Field, New York, home of 21st NORAD Division headquarters from 1972 to 1975.

As a second Lieutenent right out of pilot training I got to fly with and learn a lot from gray-haired majors and lieutenant colonels. "One three seven" was beautifully appointed for VIPs with classy new upholstery and furnishings at the time. We flew all over the USA and much of eastern Canada in support of NORAD and ADC.

When I finally retired, I was the only pilot in my wing and among the last in the air force with flight time in radial recip engines. Without hesitation I would do it all over again.

05/28/2007 @ 05:23 [ref: 16637]
 Earnest Sowder
 , TX
In the early 60's, the Navy started their own Nav program and got some T 29C's to do the training with. I think that originally, all T29's were Air Force. I worked/crewed/flt mech on T 29's at Mather AFB , 56-59. Sure enjoyed working on them..
04/12/2006 @ 16:02 [ref: 13137]
 Mike Cothran
 Houston area, TX
My father, a 30 year Naval Avaitor, passed on last year. I am going thru his 'stuff' and found a certification as a test pilot for this aircraft and came to the site to see what it was. These are marked as Air Force but the Navy must have had some also.
03/31/2006 @ 09:35 [ref: 12991]


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