Convair TB-58A 'Hustler'

  Base model:B-58
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-Present
  Basic role:Bomber
  Modified Mission:Trainer
  First Flew:1956/11/11

  Length: 96' 9" 29.4 m
  Height:51' 5" 15.6 m
  Wingspan: 56' 10" 17.3 m
  Wingarea: 7,542.0 sq ft 700.6 sq m
  Empty Weight: 55,560 lb 25,197 kg
  Gross Weight: 163,000 lb 73,922 kg

  No. of Engines: 4
  Powerplant: General Electric J79-GE-5B
  Thrust (each):15,600 lb 7,074 kg

  Range: 5,028 miles 8,096 km
  Cruise Speed: 700 mph 1,127 km/h 609 kt
  Max Speed: 1,385 mph 2,230 km/h 1,205 kt
  Climb: 17,830 ft/min 5,434 m/min
  Ceiling: 63,400 ft 19,323 m

Examples of this type may be found at
Grissom Air Park - Heritage Museum FoundationGrissom AFBIndiana
Lone Star Flight MuseumGalvestonTexas

TB-58A on display

Grissom Air Park - Heritage Museum Foundation

Lone Star Flight Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 william ziekert
 Battle Ground, IN
I was stationed at Grissom from early "63 until discahrge in Sept. 65. Iwas an security guard for the b-58's as well for the kc-135's. I met my wife there. she worked in the base laundry. the words " light,med. or heavy starch" still brings back memories!!! when i arrivied there it was called Bunker Hill,AFB
anybody from the air police security unit can contact me a my e-mail
02/11/2012 @ 13:51 [ref: 52482]
 R.M. Reininger
 , WI
My father, Lt. James P. Estrada, was killed in a B-58. Our family was stationed at Bunker Hill AFB at the time (July 16, 1962). I was 6 years old when he died. I was told it was an aircraft explosion. I have many fond memories with my father and mother living on base there. Those memories are crystalized in my mind. I went to kindergarten there on base and my mother was an elementary school teacher. I grew up in the shadow of th B-58s, but my father was also stationed in OK and flew B-52s earlier in his career. I am doing family history research now and am looking for documentation, photos, etc. so I can write a history about my Daddy Jim.
04/07/2010 @ 11:13 [ref: 25990]
 Louis Crawford
 Salt Springs, FL
I was station at Grission AFB from 1959 to 1964 .I work in the eng shop
10/12/2008 @ 14:32 [ref: 22840]
 David Huffstutler
 Pearland, TX
I was an Air Policeman at Bunker Hill AFB. from Sept 1964 until Jan 1966, and I walked around a lot of the B-58's in some very cold weather. I still love the airplane and would appreciate any ex AP's who were stationed there to drop me an e-mail.

05/26/2006 @ 18:04 [ref: 13388]
 Mac Kendrick
 , TX
I worked as a Flight Test Engineer in 1957 at Ft. Worth on the first 5 a/c. Anyone know the whereabouts of Frank Uhl or Lou Montanio or Chief Test Pilot Ericson, I would like to hear, I really enjoyed my time at Convair, but had to go into the U.S.A.F. I have known some of the B-58 Pilots, and they loved the "Hustler." It had the stick controls in place of the yoke.
03/12/2006 @ 23:51 [ref: 12784]
 Don LeJeune
 Climax Springs, MO
I worked at Convair at the time the B58 was being built. I worked from 1955-1960 in the machine shop running a milling machine. If anyone reads this I would appricate an email back as I have lost contact with a lot of people I worked with. Thanks Don LeJeune
03/08/2002 @ 14:08 [ref: 4473]
 Bob Trope
 , CA
Crewed 55-662 from 1966 until Sept 68 . XB-70 chase plane. Looking for Staff Sgt Gordon Stanley..The chief pilot at the time was Joe Cotton Col. Those were the good years at Edwarda AFB.. Makes me sad to see most of the Hustlers scrapped especially 662..
11/25/2000 @ 12:56 [ref: 1092]


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