Convair VT-29D

  Base model:T-29
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Trainer
  Modified Mission:Staff transport

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07/14/2011 @ 19:27 [ref: 41206]
 Les (Robbie) Robbins
 Windcrest, TX
I flew as Radio Operator on VT-29D 25816 from Feb 1972-Jun 1974 while stationed Rio de Janeiro (AFSEC JBUSMC). We had a C-54G from Jun 70 to Feb 72 when we traded for the T-29. The Flight Mechs that I was stationed with were John Overbeck and Walt Amaral, two of the finest troops I ever served with. It was generally a good airplane during those two years. We only made one emergency landing (at Cayenne, French Guiana for a broken hydraulic line on an engine), and had a few overnighters with engine problems which we were able to fix on our own in various Brazilian cities. We did phased inspections/maintenance at Howard AFB, CZ twice a year. All other maintenance we did in-country and flew an average 35 hours a month, so that wasn't a bad maintenance record. The pressurized D model was the nicest to fly. I had previously flown on T-29B's at Keesler AFB on 8 hour Nav Cont'n Training flights and ferried some VT-29's to Germany from Cheyenne, Wyoming. The Keesler Nav and the ferry flights were made while I was assigned to TC-54D EWO trainers at Keesler and Mather from 1961-1963.
01/12/2009 @ 13:29 [ref: 23475]