Convair XF-92A


  Base model:F-92
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Fighter
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 Jon Whited
 thousand Oaks,, CA
My father worked on the XF-92A while he was at Edwards AFB working for Convair. The aircraft was not capable of supersonic flight, but did show good handling qualities in flight. It did suffer from being underpowered.

The program was finished and was followed by the F-102 with the same problems of not being supersonic. Whitman's area rule design was incorporated and the aircraft became the F-102A and would go supersonic in level flight.

Anyone who has been in an F-102A knows it could turn inside out if needed, but it could still use more power than the J-57 it had. It also had a good fire control system in the MG-10 thru 12.

The J-75 was installed and it then had lots of power. Inlets were changed and the vertical stablizer shortened as well as getting rid of the "boat-tail" add-ons. The fire control system was upgraded and called the MA-1.

these later modifications to the F-102A were so much of an improvement that it was called the F-106A, and that aircraft still holds the single engine world speed record set in 1959.

My father worked on all these aircraft and was the crew chief of the F-106A that set the world speed record.

Jon Whited
10/25/2006 @ 07:45 [ref: 14554]


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