Culver PQ-14B (Q-14B)

  Base model:PQ-14
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1942-1947
  Basic role:Aerial Target, Manned
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  Length: 19' 6" 5.9 m
  Height:8' 4" 2.5 m
  Wingspan: 30' 9.1 m
  Gross Weight: 1,819 lb 825 kg
  Max Weight: 1,820 lb 825 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Franklin O-300
  Horsepower (each): 150

  Range: 362 miles 582 km
  Cruise Speed: 154 mph 247 km/h 133 kt
  Max Speed: 185 mph 297 km/h 160 kt
  Ceiling: 17,000 ft 5,181 m


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 fred bruening 2 lt
 glastonbury ct, CT
june 1945 my last flight as a ferry pilot was a pq14 from wright patterson to deming new mexico . there were two pqs the other was flown by a b 24 pilot just back from overseas/ it took us 4 days. stoped for fuel at 10 bases i went on to fly c 46s after that, we created lot of curiosity at every stop.
10/26/2011 @ 11:51 [ref: 49754]
 , CA
Like.....being a target is kinda like Russian roulette. Hope the boys got paid well.
09/22/2008 @ 15:42 [ref: 22719]
 Cal Ettel
 St Louis, MO
In 1953,I was visiting with my father-in- law at his home on Eagle Mtn Lake, while using up some GI Bill Credits @ American Flyers. I was upgrading my Commercial License from Boeing 377 rated to ATR Multi Engine rated in a Cessna "Useless 78"! (Drawing a little $ subsistence in the process.) Parked on the grass and For Sale, were "3, Ferry Time Only, Culver PQ 14's!" He brought up the prospect of buying all 3 of them. They were equipped with (my,sometimes fallible memory tells me,)fuel injected, 90 hp, Continental engines. After pondering my lack of light aircraft time, I decided my feet were too clumsy and heavy for messing around beyond my safe capabilities. I had just left 5 years af heavy MATS time and decided I could peddle my background somewhere with some Airline, even after having been furloughed from American while in training at Amon Carter Fld, in June. That was, or may have been, a prudent move! There was a check pilot in my squadron at Kelly who had been flying the PQ14's at Biggs Field, TX. He purchased one of the earlier versions in 1951 and kept it hangared at Stinson Field, San Antonio. It looked like one of today's large Scale R/C modes.
02/02/2008 @ 07:18 [ref: 19507]
 Ronald E Ciura
 buffalo, NY
Civilian version was "V" & was of wood construction with a fuel injected C-85 & a 2 position wood prop.
12/14/2007 @ 17:58 [ref: 18919]
 Harry Pick Jr.
 Chenoa, IL
My father is pretty much done restoring his PQ-14B and itís a beauty! I posted a picture on here if anyone is interested!
09/19/2007 @ 17:40 [ref: 17967]
 nick Pappalardo
 concord, CA
Hello Ted heineman. I had lost your address and phone contact. Was reading a note from your son Kirk.
Going to call kirk and see if we can meet. You are still Mr PQ-14. Don't know anyone alive who knows more about that plane than you.
Hope to talk to you soon.
nick P
09/10/2007 @ 21:21 [ref: 17891]
 William Burfitt
 , AL
I am very curious about your aircraft. I would like to build a ľ scale aircraft for R/C modeling and I have some questions. I would appreciate some info.
11/07/2005 @ 16:13 [ref: 11641]
 Joe Moore
 Clearwater, FL
I was based at Wheeler Field on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii from 1946 -1949. It was a P-47N Thunderbolt base then. About the beginning of 1947 we Received 12 PQ-14 Airplanes. They could be flown with or without a pilot. Without a pilot they were flown from a "Mother" Airplane. The Mother ship was a Twin Beechcraft C-45.
Joe Moore RA14215911, S/Sgt USAF
09/01/2002 @ 11:41 [ref: 5595]
 Kirk Heineman for Ted Heineman
 Pleasant Hill, CA

I am enjoying a visit with my dad, Ted Heineman, and we found
your site on the internet.
Ted currently is at the Veteran's Rehab at Palo Alto, and will contact
you at the end of the month. He is learning to use a computoer
with special visual enhancements that will enable him to
use email and browse the internet soon.
Ted is hoping that you have had some interest in sales of your aircraft. Please keep Ted Heineman informed.

Sincere and best wishes,

Ted and Kirk Heineman.
PS: I am hoping that my dad will be set up with email by end
of September of this year.
Kirk H.
08/05/2001 @ 11:40 [ref: 2838]
 Fletcher L . Callaway
 Carthage, MS
The PQ14 is an excellent flying aircraft. I have one I have restored and it is truly a great flying aircraft.
04/26/2001 @ 13:03 [ref: 2162]


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