Culver PQ-8A 'Cadet'


  Base model:PQ-8
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1942-1947
  Basic role:Aerial Target, Manned

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
42-96833 / 42-97032


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 Michael Goldschmidt
 Swanzey, NH
Well, I checked the FAA's aircraft registry and there are no records of current existence of PQ-8s.
Does anyone know if the PQ-8 had fixed gear rather than the Cadet's retractable?
06/08/2007 @ 10:15 [ref: 16781]
 Harlan Franey
 Lincoln, NE
Rode in one owned by an acquaintance around 1948-50. 125 Lycoming and performed well. Remember that he had canvas wrapped and tied around nose wheel leaf spring, apparently afraid that spring would snap and hit prop. Was this a common problem or worry?
11/26/2006 @ 13:28 [ref: 14853]
 Skip Wood
 Denver, CO
I saw a PQ-8 yesterday in near mint condition at Meadowlake Airport, just northeast of Colorado Springs. Didn't get the name of the older gentleman who owned it, but it was an awesome aircraft.
06/12/2005 @ 17:57 [ref: 10456]
 Brian Lott
 Bayonet Point, FL
Joseph Juptner wrote in his U.S. Civil Aircraft series that the PQ-8 was reportedly offered to the public as war surplus but that he was unable to locate anyone who had ever seen one in civilan hands after the war. You have a rare aircraft indeed.
06/04/2005 @ 21:50 [ref: 10396]
 Donald G Hyatt
 Elyria, OH
Johnny You say you are looking for info on the Cadet. You should try to contact the Airport Director at CMH Columbus, OH. They have NC20898 a yellow culver cadet hanging at the end of the concourse to gates A1 to A7. It is a shame it looks like you could lower its gear check the oil and gas put a battery in it and fire it right up. It looks really great like it Just came out of an annual or very good restoration. It looks like it could fly right now. I thought to myself boy would I like to take it down and go flying in it. Take care Greg Hyatt AP/IA and pilot without a current medical. Good luck with the Culver.
12/11/2004 @ 20:32 [ref: 8843]
 Johnny Nimmons
 Houston, TX
I am restoring a 1943 Culver PQ-8A and would appreciate any contact from anybody that has had any involvement from working on them, flying them, to shooting them down.
02/27/2001 @ 16:26 [ref: 1723]


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