Curtiss BF2C-1

  Base model:BF2C
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1934-1937
  Basic role:Bomber-Fighter
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  Length: 23' 0" 7.0 m
  Height:10' 10" 3.3 m
  Wingspan: 31' 6" 9.6 m
  Gross Weight: 5,089 lb 2,307 kg

  Powerplant: Wright R-1820-04
  Horsepower (each): 700

  Max Speed: 220 mph 354 km/h 191 kt
  Ceiling: 22,400 ft 6,827 m

Known serial numbers
9586 / 9612


Recent comments by our visitors
 Clark Macomber
 Charlotte, NC
The figure of 23' 0" for length is incorrect. When I asked Bill Larkin where it came from he sent a Navy document copy with that figure. I think that the Curtiss maniufacturing drawings which I have prints of are more likely right. They give the dimension as 23' 6".
07/29/2015 @ 05:17 [ref: 69181]
 , CA
I need Curtiss Hawk III all Drawing or Photos
05/16/2010 @ 05:47 [ref: 26175]
 N Wang
 , CA
BF2C in Chinese Air Force was commonly called "New Hawk". Curtiss export version is also called Hawk III. It was the mainstain of the CAF against Japanese invasion in 1937 after the incident at Marco Polo Bridge (near Beijing). The battle took place near Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Nanjing.

The first air battle took place on August 14, 1937. The Hawk III attacked the Mitsubishi bomber type 96 and claimed a victory of 0:3.

By the end of 1937, the battle damage and attrition pretty much exhausted the Hawk III in CAF. CAF started to use Russian Polykarpov E15 and E16 with Russian volunteers near the end of 1937. By the time of the fall of Nanjing in December 1937, Hawk III is essentially out of service of CAF.
08/12/2006 @ 17:08 [ref: 13869]
 Andrew Fraize
 St. Charles, AR
The caption of the picture below of the aircraft in the US Naval Aviation Museum is also incorrect.

Besides being a BFC-2 (Fixed landing gear) not a BF2C-1 (retractable gear) - it is also not from a "Fighter Squadron" but from BOMBING SQUADRON VB-2B off the USS SARATOGA CV-3 around 1935. After that year all of the Saratoga's planes had their tails painted White.

08/10/2005 @ 13:34 [ref: 10964]
 D W Shaw
 Fayetteville, NC
While the BF2C was not the crown jewel of Curtis' aircraft, its short life with the US Navy was due more to the advent of the Grumman F2F and F3F than any other factor. Over 100 BF2C's were sold to the Chinese and many more were manufactured under license. These aircraft were used by the Chinese against the Japanese in the early stages of Japan's war against China.
05/16/2005 @ 22:29 [ref: 10234]
 Jim Lloyd
 Katonah, NY
The picture is a fixed gear BFC-2, not a B2FC-1. The B2FC-1 had retractable gear and was a bif disappointment to the Navy. Fatigue life shortened its career to only a few months
03/21/2004 @ 12:06 [ref: 7025]


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