Curtiss F9C-2 'Sparrowhawk'


Control Panel
  Base model:F9C
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1922-1962
  Basic role:Fighter

  Length: 20' 1" 6.1 m
  Height:10' 11" 3.3 m
  Wingspan: 25' 6" 7.7 m
  Gross Weight: 2,784 lb 1,262 kg

  Powerplant: Wright R-975-22
  Horsepower (each): 420

  Max Speed: 173 mph 278 km/h 150 kt
  Ceiling: 19,200 ft 5,851 m

Known serial numbers
A-9056 / A-9061

Examples of this type may be found at
National Museum of Naval AviationNAS PensacolaFlorida

F9C-2 on display

National Museum of Naval Aviation


Recent comments by our visitors
 Martin Kruegel
 Frankfurt, OTH
If you want to "fly" your own F9C, browse the internet for a nice rendition both of this plane and the airship Acron, built for the Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2, incredibly detailed, they are out there.

03/16/2002 @ 18:12 [ref: 4515]
 Martin Kruegel
 Germany / Frankfurt, OTH
hereīs another from clouddozer:

Anybody ever noticed the striking similarity between the Sparrowhawk and the Curtiss Schneider-Trophy racers? Shows clearly the origins. If you want, you can easily and whimsically "cross-breed" some agile little biplanes, e.g. a vee-engined Sparrowhawk or a radial-engined racer... have fun!
12/11/2001 @ 11:45 [ref: 3800]
 Martin Kruegel
 Germany / Frankfurt, OTH
The finest set of drawings on the sparrowhawk I found accompanied the 1/32 plastic kit by Williams brothers. I got mine about ten years ago in Basel / Switzerland, so I donīt know, if it is still available. Anybody knowing a flight sim model of the sparrowhawk?
12/09/2001 @ 15:47 [ref: 3794]
 Ted Colburn
 Minneapolis, MN
I would like to obtain a set of drawings of the F9C-2, including construction details, for use in building scale models. Can enybody direct me to a source?
09/18/2001 @ 08:11 [ref: 3207]
 Bill Kastens
 Atlanta, GA
One of the people insturmental in the development of the "skyhooks" was William Thomas Van Horn - asst. chief engineer NAF-Philadelphia. A "self taught" aeronautical and architectural engineer who left school at the age of 14. Mr. Van Horn was my grandfather.
09/23/2000 @ 11:01 [ref: 788]
 Alexander R. Swaim
 New York, NY
Just a quick note to point out that the Curtiss F9C-2s (and prototype XF9C-2 and XF9C-1) were equiped with "sky hooks" and served as parasitic scout planes/fighter defense from the U.S. airships ZRS-4 USS Akron and ZRS-5 Macon.
08/01/2000 @ 21:38 [ref: 538]


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