Curtiss XP-62


  Base model:P-62
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1947
  Basic role:Pursuit

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 , WA
Specifications for the XP-62 are as follows:

Span: 53 ft. 8 in.
Length: 39 ft. 6 in.
Height: 16 ft. 3 in.
Weight: 11,773 lbs. empty/14,660 lbs. gross
Armament: None; designed for eight 20mm cannon
Engine: Wright R-3350-17 "Cyclone" of 2,300 hp. turning a dual contra-rotating propeller
Maximum speed: 448 mph.
Service ceiling: 35,700 ft.

I don't see any way they could have crammed 8 20mm cannon into the thing or any reason they would want to and still expect it to perform as an high altitude interceptor!

01/20/2006 @ 02:56 [ref: 12204]
 Chris (ivchris)
 , TX
06/11/2005 @ 19:22 [ref: 10450]
 Wilmington, NC
The Curtiss XP-62 is a great plane,even though id did not make it past the testing stage.I saw a three-view drawing of the aircraft on warbirdsresourcegroup.com.
06/09/2004 @ 18:47 [ref: 7575]
 Wilmington, NC
On september 1932,one of the XP-62 Planes crashed near Muroc Dry Lake (Now Edwards AFB),California,killing the pilot.The aircraft was on a test flight when the aircraft suffered a malfunction.Smoke was pouring from the cockpit so the aircraft was preparing to land at Muroc Dry Lake.It Did not make it and crashed into a prune orchard where it exploded.
06/09/2004 @ 18:44 [ref: 7574]
 Wilmington, ND
Here is something I wanted to tell you about the Curtiss XP-62.It was a fast fighter with good performance.The first prototype flew,and in addition to the aircraft`s Performance,the type was ordered into production.A contract for 100 production P-62As was placed.However,the AAF Canceled the production contract because of the need for P-47Gs built by Curtiss-Wright.
05/30/2004 @ 16:15 [ref: 7501]
 Wilmington, NC
Here is something I wanted to tell you about the Curtiss XP-62.It is the fastest fighter for the USAAF,the aircrft was first flown,and with the aircraft`s good performance,the type was ordered into production.A total of 100 production P-62As was placed.However,the USAAF canceled the production contract because of the need for P-47G-5-CUs built by Curtiss wright.
05/30/2004 @ 16:10 [ref: 7500]
 Gareth wood
 Manchester, BC
A shame this aircraft was never developed, it's armament would have made it an excellent ground attack aircraft as well as devastating in close quarters combat against the Luftwaffe's Bf-109 and Fw-190
07/16/2001 @ 00:08 [ref: 2681]

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