Dornier DO-335

  Base model:DO-335
  Basic role:Fighter (Germany)

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 Gary Hethcoat
 San Jose, CA
Yes, #102 was held in storage for many years. It was not put on display right away at Udvar-Hazy, but they finally did it last year. It is now part of a "German Gallery" at UHC. MUST SEE!!! Pics uploaded.
09/30/2007 @ 03:44 [ref: 18058]
 , NJ
Great plans in PDF on the web for a Don Srull model with an 18 inch wingspan.

07/25/2007 @ 16:43 [ref: 17280]
 K Goodale
 truro cornwall, OTH
West wings in England make 25.4\\\" wingspan model of the Do335. Made of balsa and tissue paper with a rubber band motor. Both props can be used in flight. After seeing the model I had to have one as it looked so impressive.
Contact them on models@westwings.co.uk or the website at www.westwings.co.uk
05/09/2007 @ 02:36 [ref: 16441]
 Andy Hardison
 Taberg, NY
I am trying to find some Do335 kits to work on. I have built the Tamiya kit, but I would like to know if there are any other kits for static display, both Die-cast as well as regular Plastic or Resin kit.

I have just recently re-discovered my love for this unusual aircraft. I have to admit to a certain like for the "secret weapons" that the germans failed to complete in time. Each was unique and revolutionary in their own.

Thank you for your help.

04/08/2007 @ 10:45 [ref: 16135]
 Alex Hruska
 , CA
I am glad to finally meet some fellow entusiasts for the Dornier 335. I have recently seen pictures pointing toward the the Arrow being moved to the Udvar Hazy in Virginia.
03/12/2007 @ 18:40 [ref: 15868]
 Shobha Shankaran
 Bangalore, IN
I would like to know the details of where Dornier -328 Manufactures {(Dornier Oberpfaffenhofen 82234 Wessling Oberpfaffernhofen Gernany)}

Since we are coming with new project of Sobha Aviation I would request you to provide the contact details for the above I requested

I would Appreciate for your immadiate replay

Thanks & Regards,

Shobha Shankaram

10/26/2006 @ 21:08 [ref: 14584]
 , GA
You can order plans to build an R/C Do-335 here:

http://www.wingsontheweb.com/do335/ or at

10/04/2006 @ 13:49 [ref: 14369]
 Andre Peters
 , OTH
I am very interested in the DO 335, and it\\\'s nice to find myself amongst fellow enthousiasts here!
I greatly admire the determination, effort and skills speaking out of the various project fotos, and I would very much like to exchange thoughts with you about the building of a DO 335 replica.
Don\\\'t laugh..., I am serious: I am thinking of building a Do 335 “replica” in about ˝ scale, probably the trainer version, primarely of aluminum and airworthy.
This may sound silly, but it must be feasable..(at least that\\\'s what I think now and hope).
It probably would take at least some 5 to 8 years and a lot of sweat I guess....
Well, I want to gather as much information about the DO 335 as I can, and possibly your advice, to make up my mind about it.
I would appreciate any reply, positive or negative. After all, you are the most experienced regarding the DO335. A \\\"pessimistic\\\" reply that might save me from a possible desaster, or a positive one that might help me to push through and succeed: I would not like to miss it.
Well, if possible, I would be greatfull for any DO335 information such as where to obtain copies of DO335 drawings and detailed Fotos!
Thanks in advance,
Regards, Andre Peters,

05/31/2006 @ 13:41 [ref: 13421]
 Perth, Western Australia, OTH
Hi Guys

I have just begun construction on a DO-335 from Al Masters Plans. Lovely plans they are!

I build my projects on the web so if you are interested in the trials and tribulations of the build, go to




05/06/2006 @ 19:48 [ref: 13217]
 Tony Kambic
 , VA
The DO-335 is on display at the Udvar-Hazy center. It was moved over from Garber last fall. We also have the HE-219 fuselage there, (wings still under-going restoration) and two of the Horten gliders. Also there from opening day are the AR-234 and FW-190F.
01/23/2006 @ 07:07 [ref: 12240]


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