Douglas A-1E 'Skyraider'


  Base model:A-1
  Equivalent to: AD-5 AD5AD-5
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Attack
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  Length: 40' 1" 12.2 m
  Height:15' 10' 4.5 m
  Wingspan: 50' 9" 15.4 m
  Wingarea: 400.3 sq ft 37.1 sq m
  Empty Weight: 12,313 lb 5,584 kg
  Gross Weight: 18,799 lb 8,525 kg
  Max Weight: 25,000 lb 11,337 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Wright R-3350-26WA
  Horsepower (each): 2700

  Range: 1,202 miles 1,935 km
  Cruise Speed: 200 mph 322 km/h 174 kt
  Max Speed: 311 mph 500 km/h 270 kt
  Climb: 2,300 ft/min 701 m/min
  Ceiling: 26,000 ft 7,924 m

Examples of this type may be found at
United States Air Force MuseumWright-PattersonOhio

A-1E on display

United States Air Force Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 Kenneth Martel USAF Ret
 Biloxi, MS
I was at Pleiku in 1965-1966 and worked on this aircraft as it was in our maintenance flight and I was one of the Crew Chiefs, Maj Fisher flew AC#649 on March 10,1966 and saved Maj "Jump" Myers. On Jan 19,1967 he received the Medal of Honor from President Lyndon B.Johnson. I and two other persons were asked to go to Washington for the presentation as we were Stationed at Hurlburt Field Fla. A KC-135 picked us up and we were on our way. Maj Myers reenlisted me in flight on our way to Washington. I was reading today that Maj Fisher died Aug.16,2014. So sorry to hear this as he was and Outstanding person and great Pilot.
09/04/2014 @ 06:57 [ref: 68634]
 M/Sgt Carroll Johnson Retired
 Crouse, NC
I was in charge of several field maintenance shops when A-1E 649 crashed and wound up with my shops for what some said could not be done.Her vertical stabilizer was broken off on top of all the other dammage.We got the job done complete with test flaght.I met her after she was flown to Cam-Ron Bay and remained with her until a flat top carrier arrived to transport her back to USA.
The Air Force Muesum displayed 649 in the oficial camo color with play boy bunny ears on prop tips for many years before some misguided official decided to give her the official Navy color again.
I have written many letters in an effort to restore her camo which in my mind made her an official war plane and not the property of some rich dude on his way to an air show. Some one out there get involved.Sgt.Johnson
11/30/2013 @ 08:07 [ref: 68199]
 Larry Blake
 , NC
Remember loading bombs and 20mm cannons on this aircraft during the Vietnam war (1965-1966) USAF-633MMS...This aircraft could fly after receiving massive damage! Sure would be great to link up with fellow soldiers that served during that time...what great memories!
11/10/2013 @ 23:34 [ref: 68156]
 Win DePoorter
 Deatsville AL, AL
Wouldn't you think that somebody would have noted in the specifics about this airplane that it was the very one that Bernie Fisher flew on his most remarkable Medal of Honor mission when he risked his life to rescue Jump Meyers. Look it up.
07/27/2013 @ 07:20 [ref: 67973]
 Wreck Diver
 , MD
Looking for any info on a Skyraider going down on Windward side of GTMO, tail section currently sits in 89 feet of water and midnight blue paint can be seen with NAVY in white under some growth. Any info that would lead to the ID of the wreck, model, bu number, pilot info etc would be greatly appreciated or enough to go to the Navy Historical Command to narrow the search.
04/22/2010 @ 18:50 [ref: 26063]
 Larry L Brown
 Oakland, CA
I was/am proud to have served as a weapons mechanic on the A-1s stationed at Nakhon Phanom RTAFB. (6/70 - 6/71)

I also was fortunate to have a TDY assignment to Ubon RTAFB as part of a "Sandy" Alert crew. We were on-call 24/7 to arm two loaded A-1s at a moment's notice.

I loaded several other "Fast Movers" (jets) during my brief time in the AF; and none of them compared to the work and effort we did to maintain the weapons on the A-1. There's nothing like getting on a hot wing cranking in 2 cans of 20mm ammo.

That year of working on the A-1 was very special to me.
08/31/2009 @ 00:07 [ref: 24357]
 Norm Taylor
 Sumter, SC
I'm scanning a series of A-1 slides from SEA, am interested in one A-1E 135021, an all gray a/c sitting on PSP in Vietnam with wings folded and USAF on left outer wing. Am interested in finding out when the AF flew all gray A-1s. When I was in Vietnam the 52nd SOW flew them as did the VNAF, but all were SEA camo. Any help out there, Thanks, Norm
06/08/2008 @ 18:03 [ref: 21209]
I was reading the FAA test for A&P mechanics license and whew. It has changed alot.
You might as well be an aircraft engineer today to get the license(smile).
With all the new technology, the training and pay is worth it.
The best training is the military, than go from there.
07/14/2007 @ 18:27 [ref: 17112]
 Daniel Dieckmann
 Boonville, IN
The skyraider was able to loiter above the battle for a long period of time, and it was able to absorb heavy ground fire- forerunner of the A-10
09/21/2006 @ 06:22 [ref: 14246]
 Ed Kennedy
 Lebanon, IL
I worked on the A-1E in Nam in 67 & 68. Some of my fondest Air Force memories are of that plane. What a power house. I used to love to run the engine on engine checks and spring into action when the alert bell went off. This aircraft was in such demand by the ground troops because it could fly so low and slow. So many memories so many guys I wish I could re-contact and say hi. Pleiku was constantly getting hit since we were so close to a POW camp for the Viet Cong. I will never forget this plane...I loved being a crew chief on it.
09/15/2006 @ 15:58 [ref: 14172]


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