Douglas C-118A 'Liftmaster'

  Base model:C-118
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1962
  Basic role:Transport
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Known serial numbers
50-1843 / 50-1844, 51-3818 / 51-3835, 51-17626 / 51-17661, 51-17667 / 51-17668, 53-3223 / 53-3305

Examples of this type may be found at
Confederate Air Force - Arizona WingMesaArizona
McGuire AFBMcGuire AFBNew Jersey
Travis Air Force MuseumTravis AFBCalifornia

C-118A on display

Confederate Air Force - Arizona Wing

Travis Air Force Museum


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 HJ Lamb
 Great Falls, MT
I was an A60571A, FTS, In-Flight APS, bean-burner, etc. from 1969 to 1975 when my wings got clipped after returning from a SEA tour and winding up at Sheppard AFB, TX. Seems the AF was going to an all jet force and small units flying C-118s and T-29s/C-131s were being sent to the boneyard and FTS positions being reduced. Took an Instructor job at the Transportation Training School at Sheppard from 1975 to 1977 whereupon I finished bootstrap and moved on to a commissioned position. Nevertheless always have and will maintain fond memories of the C-118s I crewed on at Clark (13th AF, 405th and 3rd TFWs). Flew many missions into Vietnam, Thailand and even to Australia and many small places in between! My birds were of the 53 series and tail (last 3 digits) numbers were 257 and 291. Also racked up plenty of time on C-97s and C-135s flying courier missions from SAC HQ (Offutt) - 3902 ABW from 1969 to 1972. The C-118 was my fave!
11/28/2013 @ 19:14 [ref: 68194]
 Florence Dimitroff-Garcia
 Lorain, OH
I served as FTS for the MATS 38th SQ. McGuire AFB, NJ from 1962-1966. I have a beautiful lithograph of the C-118 in my livingroom. I have very fond memories of flying all over the world working with great people and taking care of my passengers. I still stay in contact with other FTSs from New Jersey and have great laughs over our experiences. I represented the USAF as Miss McGuire AFB and Miss Air Force of 1964. Great fun and an honor.
04/22/2013 @ 16:02 [ref: 67755]
 Garry Wilson
 Layton, UT
I was the Crew Chief at Hickam AFB, Hi (6486 FMS)on 53-3286 in 1970. This plane flew the Pacific Security Region (USAFSS)team members at Wheeler AFB to Southeast Asia. We lost the number 2 engine while on a trip in October of 1970 flying from Tan Son Nhut to DaNang, Vietnam. The crew did not declare an emergency until after dropping of the team at DaNang (did not want to remain at DaNang due to hostilities) and had then departed on way to Taipai. After declaring emergency and having dumped fuel we were informed of severe weather ahead and then diverted to Tan Son Nhut AB, Vietnam where we waited for a replacement engine to arrive from Clark AFB, PI. While there the crew stayed in Truman Key area of Saigon. Anyone (crewmember or Security Services members)that was a part of this mission or was part of the maintenance at Tan Son Nhut who can remember this please contact me. I need this to prove my in-country on VA Agent Orange Claim.
04/20/2013 @ 11:57 [ref: 67749]
 SMSgt Chris Hofrichter
 McGuire Field, NJ
C-118 53-3255 has just completed its restoration and has been placed back on the traffic circle north of the AMC Passenger Terminal on McGuire Field as of 30 March 2013. The restoration process began in the fall of 2009 with the aircraft being moved from the display area to an aircraft hangar. The project began in earnest in the spring of 2010 with the execution of over 3000 hours of sheet metal repair and included approximately 200 hours in prop refurbishment, and over 500 hours in interior refurbishment. The windows were removed, external pane segments were discarded and the inner panes were painstakingly hand-buffed to near perfection and then reinstalled using 970 screws, washers and locknuts.The tires have been replaced as well. The aircraft is painted in a late 1950's MATS livery and the original tail number was reapplied (the former number was the BuNo assigned by the US Navy upon the aircraft's transfer from the USAF to the USN in the 1960s). This aircraft flew out of McGuire AFB from '55 to '64 and was transferred to Hawaii with the USN and then on to NAS Kaflavic, Iceland where it served as a Senior Leader transport until 1982 when it was flown back to McGuire AFB and put on display. The below photos depict the varying stages of the project, the 'Post-restoration 2009' photo is incorrectly dated. The picture was actually taken in the summer of 2012 during tow operations to the airfield for the Joint Base Open House, while awaiting the display area to be re-engineered.
04/12/2013 @ 03:02 [ref: 67730]
 Jeff Jarvis
 , KY
This is for Ron Pinette.... The C-118 is the equivalent of a DC-6A, not a DC-7. And, you are correct that the Pan American airplane was the last of their piston engined airliners to be retired, and it was a DC-6B. The DC-6A and C-118 were cargo aircraft with front and rear cargo doors. Believe me, I know as I have over 3,000 hours in various models of the DC-6 and C-118.
08/11/2012 @ 13:11 [ref: 65279]
 Robert Atwell
 Wytheville Va., VA
What happened to VC-118 tail no# 3305 stationed at Hickam. I know the airplane was assigned to Gen. Ralph Haines and also carried Gen. Westmorland. The airplane was at Hickam in the late 60s.
10/19/2011 @ 07:36 [ref: 49627]
 Lt Col Don Dunn (ret)
 Winchester, VA
I would be interested in corresponding with any C-118 aircrew that flew out of McQuire AFB in the early 1960s to Germany. When I was 6 years old my Mom and siblings flew to Rhein Mein (1st week of Dec 1962) to join my father who was stationed at Spandahlem AFB. I was curious as to the standard route that was flown back then. I remember stopping once or twice along the way and believe one of the stops was Scotland. I remember being very sick on the flight. My mom says I had the flu (along with a lot of other folks apparently) but I think I was airsick. I swore I would never get on another airplane as long as I lived...then I ended up flying Air Force helicopters for 26 years. My email address is 1musel15@gmail.com
02/12/2010 @ 07:42 [ref: 25710]
 Ron Pinette
 Haverhill, MA
I flew on a DC7 aka C-118 from Siagon To Hong Kong in March 1967. It was Pan America's last and only prop aiplane still in use at that time. I remember the airplane was provided by Pan Am and the crew voluntered at no expense to the U.S government.
It was a wonderful flight,most of all of course to get away from Vietnam for a week's R&R. The crew was fantastic, the pilot circled around a beautifull small Atoll to give us a good look at it We had a much better view at 8,000' then we would have had at 30,00' in a jet
02/26/2009 @ 11:21 [ref: 23818]
 Carter Endsley
 Punta Gorda, FL
I have a fond memory of flying in a C-118 from McQuire AFB to Paris, in 1958. I was a young airman going to my assignment with the 48 TFW in Chaumont, France. I was young and it was a great adventure to travel overseas. I remember the flight was with MATs (Military Transport Service) and I was very impressed with the flight service, food and friendly attendants. It was a class operation all the way. I remember we first landed in the Azores, had lunch and looked at the hydraulic leaks at the landing gear. We then flew to Paris and I think the whole trip took around fourteen(14)hours. (I was a jet engine technician and worked on F-100D aircraft with the 48th. Later, France ran us out due to our nuke bombs and we moved our base to RAF Lakenheath, England. I returned to the states via KLM 707 jet airliner and got my discharge.

01/23/2009 @ 08:41 [ref: 23540]
 Michael Lowe
 Orlando, FL
This is a note to John Holt from Little Rock. My grandfather was the pilot of that C-118 that went down over the Atlantic in 1956. I am listed in the Orlando, Fl white pages. I would like to talk to you.

09/11/2008 @ 16:55 [ref: 22666]


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