Douglas C-41


  Base model:C-41
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1962
  Basic role:Transport

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
38-502, 39-502


Recent comments by our visitors
11/14/2011 @ 10:57 [ref: 50214]
 Greg Armstrong
 Dallas, TX
I had the awesome pleasure of flying in a piece of great American history, Hap Arnold's C41 with her current owner, a legend in his own right, Jim Gabbert at the controls on January 19, 2008. At 70 years young she roared her two powerful engines to life (the C41 not Jim) and after some coaxing soared aloft into crystal blue sky. She sailed gracefully over the Sea of Sultan California as the passengers sipped champagne, regailing the honor of touching the past before settling down to a cheering crowd awaiting her return. Thank you Jim.
01/21/2008 @ 14:30 [ref: 19384]
 Jorge Reixach
 , WI
Hi Guys:

I read about the C-41 in "Dc-3 In Action" from Squadrom Signal Publishers and they explained that the C- 41 was and only one plane built just for General Harnold Hap . It was a compound between the narrow fuselaje of the Dc-2 with the wings, engines,landing gears, stabilizers of the Dc-3. Is (as far as 1997) faster than the Dc-3. This aircraft is owned by and Oil Company and based in Texas. She was painted in white and silver fuselaje with blue line over the passangerīs windows and is (was) use(d) as a VIP transport.

Best Regards:

Jorge Reixach
01/03/2008 @ 13:17 [ref: 19135]
 Neil Richards
 San Diego, CA
The Sept. issue of Air Force magazine,journal of the Air Force Association, has a picture of Hap in the pilots seat of a C-41 AC38-502.
10/06/2007 @ 06:30 [ref: 18118]
 Anne Hilo
 Pacifica, CA
Hi Jim,
I was reading up on the C-41 and saw Hap Arnold's
name. Was he a Captain at Omni Air International? I was a FA with him when we did the sun trip flights to Maui and HNN. Say "hi" to him for me. Anne Hilo
11/28/2006 @ 16:42 [ref: 14867]
 Jim Gabbert
 Sausalito, CA
I happen to own this C-41. It has been super polished and the exterior is exactly as it was in 1938.I noticed that it was listed as a modified C-39. Not true! It was a DC-3 headed for United Airlines and Hap Arnold felt that the US Army Air Corp should have one so it was designated a C-41. The original placard says Douglas C-41, then Douglas DC-3A
02/22/2005 @ 14:00 [ref: 9505]

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