Douglas C-49

  Base model:C-49
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1962
  Basic role:Transport

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Known serial numbers
41-7685 / 41-7689, 41-7694


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 John Christensen
 , CO
I was looking at my dad's log today 1/2/2011 and saw an entry dated July 2, 1944 with a local flight of 2hrs 30min at Great Falls, Montana in a C-49. My dad kept very accurate logs and the R-1830 was listed as the engines on the aircraft he flew that day.
02/02/2011 @ 06:25 [ref: 35919]
 Noel Hollyfield
 , MS
I was crew chief and flight engineer on a C-49 for a short time while ststioned at Gore field in Great Falls.Montana in 1943.There were several differences between the C-47 and C-49.The passenger door on the C-49 was on the right side of the aircraft,while the door of the C-47 was on the left.The two aircraft also had different engines.My memory is dim but one of the planes had a Wright engine and the other had a Pratt-Whitney.One of the engines was an R-1820 and the other a R-1830 (I have forgotten which is which.
I do remember that the C-49 that I was engineer on had upper and lower bunks just like a Pullman train.
We were using thhe C-49 to ferry flight crews to Seattle to pick up Boeing aircraft to be flown all over the world to their final dectination
11/08/2006 @ 05:26 [ref: 14690]
 S Spangler
 , GA
My Dad had logged many hours in the C-49 according to his log books. I never remember him mentioning the C-49 and I can only find that they were DC-3s that were impressed into for military service. I only remember him talking about the DC-3 and the C-47 during that time period.
He flew for Chicago and Southern Airlines which contracted to the AAF to fly military cargo and personnel. C&S later merged with Delta. I don't recall that his logs mentioned that he had to be checked out in the C-49 so that would indicate how similar that the C-47, DC3 and C-49 were.
During WWII he was always a civilian but did wear Army provided uniforms and as an airline captian, three black bars similar to the two silver bars of an army captian. He had officer priveledges when on military bases. He was one of the youngest airline captians and possibly the youngest for a brief period of time.

This may be of interest to the airline students: He flew the DC-3, C-47, C-49, and Lockeed Constellations for C&S. After the Delta Merger he flew the Convair 240s, 340s and 440s until we left Memphis and moved to Atlanta in 62 so he could fly the Convair 880s. He checked out in the DC-7 and I think the DC-6, but never flew either for any length of time. Then he flew his first and favorite jet, the Cv-880. He hated the DC8 and especially the streched version and flew it for too many years. Then came the 747 which he really liked until Delta sold them. He retired flying the Lockeed L-1011 in about 1982.


10/14/2005 @ 00:05 [ref: 11474]
 John Ford
 Vacaville, CA
Recently declassified historical documents reveal several C-49 serial numbers of aircraft operated by the 21st TCS of Brisbane Australia in 1942: VH-CDF, VH-CDB, VH-CDE, VH-CDD, and 41-7690. The lettered tail numbers are conscripted civilian airliner aircraft.
04/27/2002 @ 07:36 [ref: 4808]
 Karl Skidmore
 Bethlehem, PA
I would like to know if the empty weight of a C 49 is substantially different from a C 47 or DC 3 variant. Reason for request is that I am with a rigging company that is quoting on moving (by truck) a C 69; really, not a C 47 or DC 3 - serial No. matches for a C 49. Obviously condition of this bird is non-flyable and we need to take apart to truck to new home for restoration (hopefully to flying condition). Any assistance would be appreciated as we have conflicting manuals with different weights (ie: gross weights from 22,000# to over 26,000# - assuming heavier gross indicates beefed up airframe). Empty weight is needed so we get a crane with enough capacity to lift entire aircraft to start disassembly.

PS: Also have old Sikorski helicopter (conventional gear with radial engine in nose), a Seaking and a Huey to move, also by truck to and from same locations.

Thanks - Karl Skidmore (JMR Machinery Riggers jmrmachinemoving.com )
11/03/2000 @ 16:17 [ref: 983]