Douglas DC-6

  Base model:DC-6
  Equivalent to: R6D-1 C-118B
  Basic role:Commercial Transport
  First Flew:1946/06/29

  Length: 100' 7" 30.6 m
  Height:29' 1" 8.8 m
  Wingspan: 117' 6" 35.8 m
  Wingarea: 1,463.0 sq ft 135.9 sq m
  Empty Weight: 53,623 lb 24,318 kg
  Gross Weight: 97,200 lb 44,081 kg

  No. of Engines: 4
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney R-2800

  Cruise Speed: 328 mph 528 km/h 285 kt
  Climb: 900 ft/min 274 m/min
  Ceiling: 29,000 ft 8,838 m


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 John E.
 LAX area, CA
Flew one of the last United DC-6B's from DCA to BUF in the summer of 1968. Connected in BUF with a 727 for short hop to ROC. Left DCA in the late afternoon; beautiful day with broken clouds. Very few pax on board. The 727 was very late arriving BUF from ORD; and, as I recall, it was something to do with a PATCO slowdown going on - anybody remember any events such as that?

03/30/2011 @ 22:37 [ref: 37141]
 S.F. Bay Area, CA
Flew UAL from KSFO to KSAC when I was a kid on a UAL DC-6. It was my first ever flying experience and would be my only flight in commercial, piston-powered A/C. I remembered distinctly that the thing smelled and sounded like (what I later would conclude) all aircraft should . . . what a joy !

Later that same day, I remember looking out the window. . the dying embers of a setting sun on a purple horizon providing a gentle silhouette to the huge wings, exhaust manifolds glowing bright red under the cowl flaps . . . all conspiring to lull a young kid to sleep.
10/09/2010 @ 06:29 [ref: 31348]
 peter rutishauser
 banglamung chonburi, OTH
worked as a flight dispatcher and loadmaster
on douglas dc6a/b company germanair in frankfurt
vitited tampa jfk gander*fuelstop)
and various airports in africa
09/16/2008 @ 06:10 [ref: 22688]
 John Ewing
 Fairbanks, AK
I have recently learned that a fluids system or perhaps a component within a fluids system on the DC-6 operates at a mere 2.5 psi. Can anyone tell me what this particular component or system is? Help would be greatly appreciated.

08/13/2008 @ 21:08 [ref: 22451]
 Miles W. Rich
 Johns Creek, GA
Growing up in the Quad Cities of Illinois and Iowa, I flew on many United DC-6 and DC-6B aircraft as well as a few flights on Northeast and American DC-6B's. The American DC-6 that lost a prop was the Flagship Arizona, I believe, and the incident happened over Avon, Colorado, very close to Vail, long before the ski area was built. Someone asked when United retired the DC-6. Except for a few DC-6's that were sold first leased and then sold to Delta, and a few lost in accidents, all the Sixes remained in service until 1968, when there were quickly replaced by B737-222's beginning on April 28, 1968. All but three aircraft were removed from service by Thanksgiving of that year; however, three DC-6B's, N37572, N37577, and N37581 soldiered on for another year and a half flying the SLC-ELY-EKO-RNO-SFO route with the last flight taking place on February 28, 1970. United kept their DC-6's in service longer than the other carriers because they skipped ordering Turboprops, and opted for the 737 instead of the DC-9 which was available over two years earlier. The 47 Viscounts that United operated were acquired in the Capital merger and were used east of Omaha to primarly operate former Capital short distance routes, although UA cities like CID, MLI, DSM, SBN, FWA, and TOL did see them along with the DC-6's.
02/19/2008 @ 08:07 [ref: 19723]
 , WA
I Fly for a Virtual Airline and I am the Chief Pilot for the DC-6 .Looking for information about the fuel tanks for flight planning.
Question.Does the DC-6 have unusable fuel
12/19/2007 @ 14:36 [ref: 18971]
 , WA
I Fly for a Virtual Airline and I am the Chief Pilot for the DC-6 .Looking for information about the fuel tanks for flight planning.
Question.Does the DC-6 have unusable fuel
12/19/2007 @ 14:35 [ref: 18970]
 , CA
Does anyone remember when United Airlines retired it's DC-6 fleet?
10/28/2007 @ 05:34 [ref: 18323]
 jim russell
 fairbanks, AK
i have exc footage of dc-6 available on dvd or tape for sale.i worked around these round motors for the past 16 years . c-46 video available as well . all of this video is shot in alaska.

02/13/2007 @ 14:31 [ref: 15505]
 , CA
I flew a United DC-6 from Oakland to Midway via Denver in the summer of 1955 as a 6 year old. I can still remember somehere west of Chicago the pilot announcing we would be taking a 100 mile detour around some thunderclouds (in those days you flew at cloud level). From Midway we transferred onto a United DC-4 to Willow Run near Ann Arbor, Michigan. Unitedretired its DC-4s a year later.
08/02/2006 @ 20:34 [ref: 13787]


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