Douglas DC-6B

  Base model:DC-6
  Basic role:Commercial Transport

  Length: 105' 7" 32.1 m
  Height:28' 8" 8.7 m
  Wingspan: 117' 6" 35.8 m
  Wingarea: 1,463.0 sq ft 135.9 sq m
  Empty Weight: 55,357 lb 25,105 kg
  Gross Weight: 107,000 lb 48,526 kg

  No. of Engines: 4
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney Double Wasp CB17
  Horsepower (each): 2500

  Range: 2,925 miles 3,005 km
  Cruise Speed: 315 mph 507 km/h 274 kt
  Climb: 1,120 ft/min 341 m/min

Known serial numbers
65-12815 / 65-12816, 66-14467

Examples of this type may be found at
Western Aerospace MuseumOaklandCalifornia
Yankee Air MuseumBellevilleMichigan

DC-6B on display

Western Aerospace Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 Pekka J Kauppi
 Tervakoski, Hame, OTH
I need an engine selector switch and some other small parts like control console knobs for my Douglas DC-6 cockpit.
You may contact me: pekka_kauppi[at)yahoo dot com
08/18/2012 @ 08:37 [ref: 66068]
 david b
 , OH
I have spare ignitors for a DC6 if anyone has a need for them
06/18/2008 @ 09:19 [ref: 21546]
 , OTH
hi everyone!

Does anyone have an old photo of a Philippine Airlines DC-6B? Thanks.
04/21/2008 @ 00:10 [ref: 20635]
 , OH
I'm looking for parts for a fleet of DC-6's. If anyone knows who I should contact, it would be a big help.

Thank you.
03/17/2008 @ 08:40 [ref: 20059]
 Christopher O\'Donnell
 Half Moon Bay, CA
Good info here...
Check my site at "flightoftheresolution.org" and I would appreciate any help you might have in my further research
03/04/2007 @ 13:46 [ref: 15760]
 gerald golden
 , CA
Have complete original set DC-6 manuals published in 1947 thru 1959 with revisions for sale or will donate for tax receipt. The set weighs 55lbs.
11/21/2004 @ 18:08 [ref: 8675]
 Robert West
 , CA
Looking for information or photos on Douglas DC-6B in service of West German Air Force, ca 1962-1967. During this time period the aircraft had two different serial numbers. CA+022 and then CA+035. Thank You
10/09/2004 @ 22:23 [ref: 8421]
 Andrew Field
 , CO
I need a photograph of a United Air Lines DC-6B with the paint scheme used in the early-mid 1950s (i.e., stripes parrallel to the ground). Copyright for the photograph needs to be certain, as it will be used in a book (credit for the photograph will be included). Please contact me if you can assist. Thank you.
02/19/2004 @ 15:54 [ref: 6798]
 Jerry Clausing
 Woods Cross, UT
Do you know what the wheel track and wheel base dimensions are for a DC-6, or know where I can find them?


Jerry Clausing
10/29/2001 @ 17:11 [ref: 3516]
 Greg Ely
 Los Altos, CA
The DC-6B pictured at the Western Aerospace Museum at Oakland
Airport is serial # 45320 ex Northwest Airlines and is owned
by Bob Swanson and myself. The plane used to be Tanker 44,
last n# n444sq and was scrapped at Santa Rosa 3 years ago
along with tankers 46 and 48 (ex United City of Los Angeles
and SAS). The salvaged cockpit is currently be restored at the
museum and visitors are welcome.
05/09/2001 @ 19:19 [ref: 2246]


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