Douglas EA-3B 'Skywarrior'

Notes: A-3B equipped for electronic countermeasures (7 CREW) .
  Base model:A-3
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Attack
  Modified Mission:Special electronic installation
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  Length: 76' 4" 23.2 m
  Height:22' 9" 6.9 m
  Wingspan: 72' 6" 22.1 m
  Wingarea: 812.0 sq ft 75.4 sq m
  Empty Weight: 39,409 lb 17,876 kg
  Gross Weight: 81,829 lb 37,188 kg
  Max Weight: 82,000 lb 37,195 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney J57-P-10
  Thrust (each):10,500 lb 4,763 kg

  Range: 2,100 miles 3,380 km
  Cruise Speed: 520 mph 837 km/h 452 kt
  Max Speed: 610 mph 982 km/h 530 kt
  Ceiling: 41,000 ft 12,495 m


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 Ed and Cynthia
 , VA
The U.S. Navy's Memorial at the National Vigilance Park in Fort Meade, MD bears the markings of an EA-3B aircraft, Ranger 12, assigned to Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron Two (VQ-2).

The original aircraft was lost during an operational mission in the Mediterranean on 25 January 1987 while attempting a landing on the USS Nimitz. All seven crew members aboard Ranger 12 perished.
05/27/2013 @ 17:14 [ref: 67845]
 Ted Spence
 Pineville, LA
1976-1979 Hated it then, think alot about it now. Miss the friends I made, Keith Hugget, Terry Joe Ellsworth, Eddie Belben. Learn alot from Joe Roth, and Cheif Curry. Remember feeding Barney pulling hanger watches. Working in W/C 120 The Dets USS Constellation, Kitty Hawk, Midway,and the VQ-1good deal Det Cubi.
05/03/2013 @ 22:12 [ref: 67791]
 Dean Stafford
 St. Paul.In., IN
Home based Atsuge Japan,VQ 1, 65 to 68 Plane captin on the EA3B.Kitty Hawk,Enterrise, Da Nang, Olongopo.Flew 199 mission.Great Aircraft.God Bless the vets.Go VQ 1
04/10/2011 @ 05:11 [ref: 37180]
 kevin gast
 pasadena, MD
1975-1980 VQ-1 with dets on the Kitty Hawk, Midway, Enterprise, and others. Logged a bunch of hours with Ken Bob, Bill Miano, Tony Gole and Art Rowely. Spent many happy nights in Olongopo and at the UA club. Great times.
03/22/2011 @ 14:23 [ref: 37007]
 Anthony V. Dunn
 Temecula, CA
Hi,in reguard to your question about the current location of "WHALS",A-3s thier spread across the U.S.A. Musieums, gate guards, aircraft storage facilities I.E." BONE YARDS", and the Ratheon Flight Test Center that I had the privelige to work at as an A&P mechanic.
05/31/2010 @ 10:37 [ref: 26525]
 Brent Burnette
 Lakeside, AZ
I was assigned to VAQ33 as AME shop spervisor(83-86)and maintained EKA,EA,and TA versions of the Whale. I have allways considered the A-3 an outstanding aircraft,it should be the new replacement for the S-3.
03/18/2010 @ 10:21 [ref: 25889]
 george g. Loomis
 harbor springs, MI
Served with VQ1 as an EA3B aircrewman/ECM operator from Sept. 68 to june 70 and with VAH123 from July 70 to Jan 71. Great airplane, miss the old whale. Retired (ADCS/AW) Sept. 1994
03/14/2010 @ 16:06 [ref: 25880]
 David Lasher
 Northridge, CA
To Kirk Peterson and other whalers associated with VQ-2 and Buno 146454, I 'found'/noticed your bird and three others on the deck at Van Nuys this weekend during a B-17 tour.

There are part of Raytheon's testing facility. It is a little sad to see them unused with engines pulled, and flat tires. Also they have been painted over so very few markings remain. 146454 was visible along with "Veteran of Desert Storm VQ2 A/C 4".

On another, the names LT JG Riposo, LT L. Purdue, AT2 Rimmigareon, LT CDR R. Small and AMS3 Leach are still visible (although partially painted over).

I will try to get back over there and take more photos, but if anyone recalls these men, let me know. 146454 has seen better days, but it is still alive.
04/22/2009 @ 07:46 [ref: 24114]
 Tom \"Louie\" LeBlanc
 , CA
Was on the last Whale detachment onboard USS Midway for VQ-1. My entire career, with the exception of the last 3 years, was in the A-3 community. Great times and great memories....ADCS "Louie" LeBlanc USN, Retired.
03/15/2009 @ 11:27 [ref: 23956]
 Chris Krato
 Hoover,, AL
I was on the Kittyhawk with VQ-2 in '87 for the short time it was in the Med on its way to the west coast. Worked on Whales as an AT from '85 to '91 in Rota.
03/13/2009 @ 13:36 [ref: 23937]


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