Douglas F3D-1 (F-10A) 'SkyKnight'

  Base model:F3D
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1922-1962
  Basic role:Fighter
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 Sgt. Richard A. Pickard (USMC)
 Garrett,, IN
Dear Sir: Your information states that the F3D-1, was used from 1922, to 1962. I was in the Marine Corps from 28DEC1965,to 19DEC1969. In July 1966, I was assigned to VMCJ-2(Marine Composite Reconnaisance Squadron One)at Cherry Point ,NC. We had either eight or ten of them in our squadron. We had radar and camera equipment on them.
When I was sent to Vietnam I was assigned to VMCJ-1 Marine Air Group 11 at DaNang Air Base. We had six to ten of them , I can't remember for sure, a couple of them were shot down. Along with the afour mentioned equipment , we also had twenty-millimter cannons mounted on them. However, several months after I arrived in country, one of our pilots tried to unload the cannons ammo on the Viet Cong at the end of our run-way and he was shot down. Thje Commanding Officer ordered the cannons removed from the remainder of the planes to keep someone else from playing John Wayne. I was an aviation hydraulics mechanic and the F3D-1 was a good plane to maintain. We also had EA6-A's and
RF4-B's, which wer both more difficult to maintain. When I returned state-side I was trransferred to a helicopter squadron, so I don't know how much longer they used them.
However, I do know that the Marines were still using them
for reconnaisance purposes until November 1968, when I was rotated back to the United States. It was a super aircraft,
Douglas can be proud. Sincerely, Former Sgt. Richard A. Pickard (USMC)
11/26/2006 @ 16:40 [ref: 14854]


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