Douglas SBD-1 'Dauntless'


Control Panel
  Base model:SBD
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1934-1946
  Basic role:Scout Bomber
  Crew:Pilot and observer/rear gunner

  Length: 32' 1" 9.7 m
  Height:13' 7" 4.1 m
  Wingspan: 41' 6" 12.6 m
  Wingarea: 325.0 sq ft 30.0 sq m

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Wright R-1820-32
  Horsepower (each): 1000


Known serial numbers
1596 / 1631, 1735 / 1755

Examples of this type may be found at
USS Alabama Battleship Memorial ParkMobileAlabama


Recent comments by our visitors
 Jim Price
 Kilmarnock, VA
SBD does not stand for "slow but deadly". It's Scout Bomber Douglas.
07/14/2015 @ 12:55 [ref: 69167]
 Steve smith
 San Diego, CA
The SBD-1 was transferred to the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum, MCAS Miramar, San Diego. You can see the progress of the restoration on. The Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum hangar Facebook page.
01/26/2013 @ 17:39 [ref: 67523]
 Ron Hampton
 San Diego, CA
I am a volunteer on the USS Midway CV-41 which is now a museum and tied up in downtown SD. I work with the Air Wing Group at NAS North Island and curently on the SBD-1 listed above. It is coming along fine but will still take a lot of work. The air intake on the top of the cowling is for the carb but not the oil cooler which has its intake on the bottom of the cowling. The carb intake became smaller on newer models of the SBD. It's great fun working on Naval Aircraft again after 50 years.
03/01/2007 @ 20:42 [ref: 15719]
 Lee Franklin
 Helena, AL
That side number was fished out of lake michigan apparently early 2005 and is under restoration in San Diego for the Midway Museum.

According to the USS Alabama website they have an SBD-3 with the side number of 06583.

Hope the museum there can open again soon so my father in law can get another look at the kind of plane he used to fly. Another Katrina casualty was the USS Alabama park.
11/29/2005 @ 03:22 [ref: 11830]
 , WI
Just an FYI; Photo below is not a -1, but probably a -5 (or -6). The -1 was unique in having a rather prominent oil cooling scoop on top of the engine cowl. The scoop was toned down in the -2 through -4 series and done away with in the -5 and -6.
09/21/2001 @ 17:37 [ref: 3233]


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