Eastern (GM) TBM-1 'Avenger'

  Manufacturer:Eastern (GM)

  Base model:TBM
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1935-1946
  Basic role:Torpedo Bomber

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Known serial numbers
24521 / 25070


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 Darcy O. Haskins
 Middleburg, FL
Tech. Data on TBM-1:
1 X Wright R-2600-8 14 cylinder radial, rated at 1700 hp (1267.33 kW)
Length: 40 ft 9 in
Height: 13 ft 9 in wtail down
Wing span: 54 ft 2in unfolded, 19 ft 0 in folded
Empty weight: 10080 Lbs.
Operational weight: 15905 lbs. typical
Max. speed: 257 mph at 12000 ft.
Service ceiling: 21400 ft.
Cruising speed: 153mph at optimum altitude
Range: 1105 miles typical,2685 miles max.
fuel internal: 279 Imp gal.(335 us gal) plus provision for 229 imp gal(275 us gal.) in jettisonable weapons bay tank.
Machine guns: 2 X 0.50 inch browning M2 fixed forward, leadingwing edge,600 rounds each, 1X 0.50 in. Browning M2 trainable rearfacing firing in dorsal turret,400rounds, 1 X 0.30 in. Browning M2 trainable rearward firing in ventral position,500rounds
Crew: 3 Pilot, navigator/ventral gunner, radio/dorsal gunner
Bomb load: up to 2500lb carried in a lower fuselage weapons bay rated 2000 lb, and two underwing hardpoints rated at 250 lb
Torpedoes/rockets: 1 x 22in. Mk 13-2 torpedo in bay in stead of bombs, 8 X 5in. HVAR rockets
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