Fairchild PT-23A 'Cornell'

  Base model:PT-23
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1947
  Basic role:Primary Trainer

  Length: 8.5 m
  Wingspan: 10.9 m

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Continental R-670-4
  Horsepower (each): 220


Known serial numbers
42-49277 / 42-49426, 42-49877 / 42-49982

Examples of this type may be found at
New England Air MuseumWindsor LocksConnecticut


Recent comments by our visitors
 Tom Sage
 Sorrento, FL
My friend and I recently purchased a beautifully restored PT 23A from an individual in Illinois and flew it back to X55 in central Florida.The previous owner lost his medical and was almost in tears when it left his field.
From the first time I climbed into the cockpit until this day I am still in awe to have the honor to fly such a magnificent machine and imagine all the WW2 heroes who sat in those seats.
How many gave their lives and how many survived the war?
I spent 31 years as an airline pilot and I never felt more proud than when in this PT 23.
This beautiful machine was ser# 42-49972 built by the St Louis Aircraft Co. and spent It's military life in Decateur Al.

11/07/2007 @ 15:24 [ref: 18439]
 Lee Young
 St. Louis, MO
A number of the PT-23 fuselage in the late 1960 sat weathered, ripped and torn, without wings, on the tramac at Thompson-Robbins Field, West Helena, Ark. I heard they were later moved to the east hangar. FYI
08/28/2006 @ 07:56 [ref: 14012]
 Steven Hubbard
 Anchorage, AK
Wanting to get information on tracking down the PT-23 that my father owned in the late 50's. I have fond memories of flying with him in Michigan in my childhood days. Anyone that can share with me on how I can do this is deeply appreciated. I will be uploading a picture of him & the PT-23 later when I get home. He sold this plane in the early sixties for $550.00 and only received $300.00 as down payment. The two college students that took possesion of the Plane never did finish paying my father. They were attending Ferris State College in Big Rapids, Michigan. I was told that the Plane was in a Museum in Ohio.
10/31/2005 @ 19:58 [ref: 11620]
 David Roberts
 Fredericksburg, TX
I received a wooden propellor which is about 90" from tip to tip. With the propellor was a picture of what I suppose was the last plane to use it. I am fairly certain it came off a PT-23 and am interested in learning more about the aircraft type and even more about the actual plane it was on. The marks I see on the picture could be usefull in identifying it. A tail number oy 247826, or possible 247326. All numbers are clear except for the fourth digit. Between the wing and tail there is a large 20 painted in it, where a present day registration number would be. Finally, on the nose there is a round picture of a blue woman (or man) riding a yellow lightning bolt with an orange background.
08/28/2002 @ 17:28 [ref: 5573]
 Tommy Ward
 Brandon, MS
I owned a PT-23A when I was in high school in the early 1960's. The aircraft was built by the St. Louis Street Car Company. I remember the serial number was 260ASL or something similar. The Railroad Museum in St. Louis has a graphics type exhibit concerning St. Louis Street Car Company's aircraft production during WWII.
10/29/2001 @ 11:42 [ref: 3514]
 jim howard
 roosevelt, OK

I am a ag pilot from oklahoma and Have what I beleave to be 2 of these airplanes that have been converted to cropdusters by mr Weatherly in california in the early 60s. Are these indeed the airplane that was to become the Weatherly. If so and you wish I will send you a nice pic when I get the wings on.
07/16/2001 @ 11:53 [ref: 2687]


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