Fleet Model 80 'Canuck'

  Base model:Model 80
  Designation:Model 80
  Basic role:Utility Transport (Canada)

  Length: 22' 4" 6.8 m
  Height:7' 1 2.2 m
  Wingspan: 34' 10.4 m
  Wingarea: 173.5 sq ft 16.1 sq m
  Empty Weight: 858 lb 389 kg
  Gross Weight: 1,480 lb 671 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Continental C-85-12J
  Horsepower (each): 85

  Cruise Speed: 100 mph 161 km/h 87 kt
  Max Speed: 111 mph 179 km/h 96 kt
  Climb: 550 ft/min 168 m/min
  Ceiling: 12,000 ft 3,660 m

Examples of this type may be found at
Canada Aviation Museum+ttawaOntario


Recent comments by our visitors
 Geoff Peters
 St John\'s, NF
Like many others, I got my P.P.L. through the Air Cadet Program at Fundy Flying Club St John N.B.
I fondly remember Bruce Carter and Joe Ellis being so patient with us and what a thrill to solo and complete the course.
I met and became friends with Joey Ellis, Joe's son as he was part of the class . Have always wondered what happened to him.

1957 brings back so many memories of CF- DEN,DPI AND DZM. It's nice to know that the Fleet D-80 is not forgotten.

09/11/2014 @ 05:50 [ref: 68653]
 Bob Windsor
 Carbonear, NF
I got my PPL at the Fundy Flying Club in 1958. I was with the Air Cadets and lived in the hanger for eight weeks. I was still in my teens and it was a summer I will never forget. Bruce and Joe were there as well as a couple of instructors. My instructor was Dave ?. Sorry Dave but I can't remember the last name. There were three Fleet 80's there at that time, DZM, DEN & DPI. And a new Tri Pacer (KRC) I think. I saw DPI at the Ottawa Aviation Museum in the eary 70's. That sure brought back a lot of memories.
02/07/2013 @ 00:21 [ref: 67558]
 Arch Bradbury
 Trenton, ON
Got my PPL in 1957 !!! long time ago..at the Fundy Flying Club in Lock Lomomd with Bruce Carter CFI and wonderfull Joe Ellis...in the great little forgivng AC "fleet 80" DEN and DZN ..went back in 63 and got a commercial..great place great memories..flew a lot in the tri pacer HOTEL TANGO TANGO... got my twin check in Moncton ...
11/28/2012 @ 09:55 [ref: 67359]
 Russ Brown
 Delta, BC
RE: Request for info on C-FJQK (see photo)
Common Name: Fleet Model Name: FLEET 80 REPLICA
Serial No: 001
Basis for Eligibility for Registration: CAR Standard 549 - Amateur Built Aircraft
Category: Aeroplane Max take-off weight: 998 kgs
Engine: 1, Piston
Regional Office: Dorval
Base of Operations: CANADA , Quebec, Lac -La-Tortue

Manufacturer Information

Country of manufacture: CANADA Year of Manufacture: 1991

09/09/2012 @ 13:45 [ref: 66789]
 Fred Dalacker
 , ON
Learned to fly at Central Airways at the then named "Toronto Island Airport" and had my first flight in a fleet 80 CF-EBE in July 1960. My first solo was on September 10,1960, flying in CF-GAW...It sure brings back a lot of memories, of the airport, Central Airways and the Wong Brothers....Fred.
11/21/2011 @ 16:20 [ref: 50406]
 Clark Wilcox
 Fredericton, NB
I earned my private license in Fredericton but moved to St John as an air traffic controller in the late 50s. I knew both Bruce and Joe Ellis very well. Flew with both of them as this is where I checked out on the fleet canuck, both dzm and den. I remember one day I was controlling traffic in the tower and Joe was doing a runup on the taxiway awaiting takeoff when all of a sudden he screamed into the mike "SHIT DID YOU SEE THAT". I said what are you screaming about Joe and he replied my propellar just took off by itself and left me behind. I forget which fleet he was using that day but we never did find the prop
11/20/2011 @ 08:58 [ref: 50369]
 Russ Brown
 Delta, BC
CF-GAW is a new bird! Jack Shurey bought it a few years ago and has rebuilt it. It now sports 160hp, amphib floats, other numerous upgrades and a new registration C-GJPP. The whole story is at:


Jack was late in filing some sort of paper and the ministry made him change registration from GAW to JPF to JPP. I'm looking forward to seeing this HOT Canuck fly next summer.
10/28/2011 @ 21:27 [ref: 49851]
 Carl B. Allwood
 St. John's, NF
Very fond memories of flying CF-DZM and CF-DEN out of the Fundy Flying Club. Knew Bruce Carter and Joe Ellis well. Recall how upset Joe got when he heard that we were doing loops over Red Cliff .. adjustable wrench in hand. First thoughts of forming the Fundy Sky Divers took place in that hanger.
10/08/2011 @ 08:19 [ref: 49475]
 Peter Moodie
 Winnipeg, MB
Hi Russ,

Good to see you are still keeping track of Canucks! EOH is still doing well and is now at 22,235 hours. We were in OSH with her in '09 and had a great time with Joe and his pristine Canuck. One of the judges said I should not have parked beside him. Keep well, Peter
09/18/2011 @ 19:06 [ref: 49110]
 Russ Brown
 Delta, BC
I noticed Tony Humphrey's note mentioning CF-GAW. GAW brings back fond memories of Toronto Island Airport and Bob Wong's Central Airways where we all learned to fly "THE WONG WAY"!!
T. (Terry ? ) Jones turned me loose for my first solo in GAW on October 9th 1954.
I flew my last flight on October 16th 1996 in 747 C-FCRA from Hong Kong to Vancouver. Forty two years of great memories!!
Russ Brown
09/14/2011 @ 14:05 [ref: 48961]


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