Focke-Wulf Fw 190D

  Base model:Fw 190
  Designation:Fw 190
  Basic role:Fighter (Germany)

  Length: 33' 5" 10.1 m
  Height:11' 3.3 m
  Wingspan: 34' 5" 10.4 m
  Empty Weight: 10,670 lb 4,839 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Junkers Jumo 213
  Horsepower (each): 2240

  Range: 520 miles 837 km
  Cruise Speed: 280 mph 450 km/h 243 kt
  Max Speed: 426 mph 685 km/h 370 kt
  Ceiling: 40,000 ft 12,191 m

Examples of this type may be found at
United States Air Force MuseumWright-PattersonOhio

Fw 190D on display

United States Air Force Museum


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 steven w. wilgus
 el paso, TX
well, i'm back again; jerry crandal has a 2-vol set on the Dora, many pictures. my collection of FW-190/TA-152 books has grown to over 30. Gen Galland wrote to make only 2a/c: the Me-262 & FW-190D. thank God no one listened; war would likely lasted 2 if 3 yrs. great airplane on theb"wrong" team, as it were.
01/04/2010 @ 19:47 [ref: 25519]
 Papa Nick
 Belgrade, Serbia, OTH
Great airplane and my favorit (I'm just building an Airfix model of 'Yellow 10' in 1/72 scale).

Asimetric one is Blohm und Voss BV-141. The 6th photo is beautifull art by Ronnie Olsthoorn, next photo is BV-141 B.
Also there is a Focke Wulf FW-189.

All these airplanes should not be here, but it's ok, it's cheerfull.
02/02/2009 @ 12:32 [ref: 23620]
 Earl Cote
 Meriden, CT
I see you have the " Yellow 10" photo.
I have the book that gives the whole restoration project of the Ultra rare FW 190-D13
It is fascinating to read
10/05/2008 @ 20:48 [ref: 22798]
 edward williamson
 suwanee, GA
over in norway 2 years ago, a fw190 was raised there. it was on a show
07/30/2008 @ 10:10 [ref: 22296]
 Steven Wilgus
In a further addendum to my 2001 entry, the Dora remains one of the best fighters of all ytime: with the caveat that the P-51D Mustang having the reach/legs/range that none of the Luftwaffe aircraft could even approach. The Corsair was also an a/c that would have given the Dora an intense run for the money also. I would love to see someone do a Major Boyd [of the OODA Loop fame] analysis of that! I hope someone can put a Dora back into the sky. I am looking for definative interior info to do the 1/18th scale 21st Century FW-190D into a hyper-class museum replica. Thanks.
06/30/2008 @ 02:24 [ref: 21724]
 Lutz Brocke
 Bremen, NY
Sorry to say but the picture of those 2 Doras taking-off submitted by Eric Leduc is copyrighted by me. Have a look at my website: www.dora9.de

Watch your six.
12/05/2007 @ 11:13 [ref: 18807]
 Chris G
 Holland, MI
First off, the specs for the D-9 are wrong. The top speed of 426 mph is listed in almost every book is incorrrect. If people would do a little research instead of copying data sources that are older then dirt we might have a more rounded look at the D-9.

I suggest researching a bit more before posting incorrect data.

10/05/2006 @ 10:34 [ref: 14378]
 Warren Waldmann
 St. Louis, MO
The Fw 190D-9 was powered by a Junkers Jumo 213A-1 engine. Another varient was the Fw 190D-11 which was armed with 2 MK108 cannon for ground attack. The next 2 models were engined with the Jumo 213F engine and they were armed with single nose mounted MK 108 in the D-12 or the MK103 in the D-13.
The long span Ta 152 was powered by the Jumo 213E-3.

09/25/2006 @ 16:57 [ref: 14286]
 Ken Hunt
 Napier, OTH
I have listed some of the best reference books on the Fw190D and Ta152 that I have found so far:

Fw190 Vol 4 by kagero
Focke Wulf 190 Long Nose by Schiffer
Focke Wulf Ta152 by Schiffer
Fw 190D Walk Around by Squadron
Fw 190 D and Ta152 Close Up by Monogram
Dora\'s of the Galland Circus by Eagle Editions
Yellow 10 story of the Fw 190 D13 by Eagle Editions
Green Hearts First in combat by Eagle Editions
Focke Wulf Fw190D Part 1 by Japo
Luftwaffe colours by Hikoki Publications
Experten Decals History Cam & Markings Parts 1 & 3
Wings of the Luftwaffe by Airlife

I hope to have the Part 2 by JaPo on the Fw190D and Monogram\'s Monarch on the Ta152 soon.

Using these reference books has enabled to build several kits of these Aircraft as well.

A fascinating subject especially the late D Series prototypes and Ta152.

09/10/2006 @ 04:30 [ref: 14125]
 Nathanael Wilde
 Vancouver, WA
You're right, many of those pictures aren't 190D's. The name of the assymetric design escapes me, but it was supposed to be a forward recon plane (all the glass is for the observer, they were slow). 190D's had liquid cooled V engines, their radiators were annular, so they look like they're still radials, but the line of exhaust pipes down the side is a clue. Pictures with id=980 and 474 are good examples of 190Ds. Picture 7107 is clearly radial powered, so it isn't. Picture 3178 may be a Ta-152 or a 190 variant prototype of the Ta-152; the extended tail and greater wing span is clearly visible- not a standard 190D!

Later, N. Wilde.
01/09/2006 @ 07:19 [ref: 12107]


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