Focke-Wulf Fw 44-J

  Base model:Fw 44
  Designation:Fw 44
  Basic role:Trainer / Utility Transport (Germany)

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Fw 44-J on display

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 Tony Wells
 Buenos Aries, Argentina, CA
We have an excellent Focke Wulf FW 44 J Stieglitz project, with two fuselages and most of the parts except the wings (all original), but we have the patterns and original plans to build them. This project is excellent for someone who restores old airplanes because he can build two ORIGINAL airplanes with all these parts.

Pic 908 : (8) gasolines starting injectors, but there are two more (for ten airplanes)

Pic 910 : (6) Pilot cabin pedals, + two more already placed in the fuselage (for three airplanes)

Pic 911 : (2) Seat belt regulators (2) Gasoline Filter / valve selector for acrobatic and ordinary gasoline tank (for two airplanes).
(2) Valves for oil filter ( and there are two more) for 4 airplanes.
(1) extinguisher mount

Pic 912 : wheel hubs and brakes ( 7 or 8 + some more) for about 4 airplanes

Pic 914 : Spherical head bolts w/nuts, principal wooden rib mounts, oil tank racords accelerator commands (3), everything for at least 3 airplanes.

Pic 915 : Aileron Hinches, metal cord bases (mounts), accelerator bars, main rib mounts ( for at least three airplanes).

Pic 917 : Wing hardware, wing pulley mount, mount to fasten the airplane to the floor.

Pic 919 : Fuselage w / set of pedals, command bar, seats, acrobacy tank mount.

Pic 920 : Tail support (there are two for two airplanes).

Pic 921 : You can see metal cords (there are about 20 for three airplanes), seats, incidense sistem on place and gasoline tank mount.

Pic 922 : 2° acrobacy tank mount, pilot/copilot cabin divider (see that one leg is bent).

Pic 923 : Tail skate triangle (mount).

Pic 929 : Deep rudder (2).

Pic 930 : drift and steering rudder. (he has all the original extra parts for their mount) (enough parts for two airplanes).

Pic 932 : drift fixing plaque.

There are also many other parts such as original lights mounts, accelerator synchronizer system, and many small original bolts. Everything will be included in this kit. Also the original blueprints to build the wings.

The price for EVERYTHING is $25,000. Anyone interested please email me at info@bronzecannons.net so can send you the photos.
01/10/2013 @ 09:06 [ref: 67489]
 , FL
If you are looking for a FW 44 I have one for sale in very good condition ( 25 hs since overhaul )
Pls send an e-mail
08/15/2008 @ 08:25 [ref: 22461]
 manfred stochl
 mainz, AZ

can you tell me the price of your Fw 44 .\\Thanks and best wishes
05/13/2007 @ 07:29 [ref: 16474]
 manfred stochl
 mainz, AZ

can you tell me the price of your Fw 44 .\\Thanks and best wishes
05/13/2007 @ 07:28 [ref: 16473]
 Zaporozhye, OTH
Focke-Wulf FW-44 for sale. Excellent condition. New wings. +380 67 6131845
01/04/2006 @ 11:24 [ref: 12083]
 Javier Tortorella
 Buenos Aires Argentina, OTH
Hello Im working in restoration of 2 FW 44 j in Argentina Buenos Aires Don Torcuato...For more info check my web site www.avionescjt.com.ar
04/05/2005 @ 19:11 [ref: 9893]
 Britt-Marie Lundin
 Stockholm , SWEDEN, OTH
If You are intressted in buying a Focke-Wulf Fw 44-J, I have one for sale.
Here is a brief description of SE-BWM.
Built in 1939 at CVV in Västerås, Sweden.
In 1984 the aircraft went through a basic overhaul and received a certificate of airworthiness of normal-class and has since then been flying in 182 hours.
Instruments and panels are in original shape.
Radio Dittel FSG 40 with intercom.
Engine Siemens SH 14 A overhauled by av Kone Korhonen Jyväskylä Finland in 1975
Corrosion control performed without remarks 1984 , 1994 and 1999.
The engine have been protected against corrosion every winter is equipped with med regular carburetor and has a crank launching device.
The engine has been running 183 h since basic overhaul.
The airscrew was manufactured by Jungsterverken 1990; runtime 95 h.
The aircraft has always been kept in a hangar
11/16/2000 @ 07:46 [ref: 1048]
 Rainer Kahrs
 , OTH

you can see another FW 44 at the ´Airport Bremen´´in Germany.
At the Daimler-Chrysler Aerospace Manufaktory,only 100 yards
away from the Airport ,there is still an Focke-Wulf 200 Condor under restauration.

04/23/2000 @ 10:45 [ref: 111]


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